15 fetishes you didn’t know existed from The Book of Kink

-Formicophilia: turned on by insects crawling on you, especially around your genitals.

-Body Inflation Fetish: an affinity for expanding yourself, usually with the help of inflation devices under your clothes.

-Deformity Fetishes: Acrotomophilia is an attraction to amputees, and abasiophilia is when you like people confined to wheelchairs. Teratophilia is when you find sexual beauty in physical deformity, which includes an attraction to mythic human beasts like minotaurs or people who endure extreme body modification like split tongues and prosthetic horns.

-Frotteurism: being turned on by rubbing against a non-consenting party.

-Tamakeri: taking pleasure in being kicked in the balls.

-Yeastiality: turned on by bread or having sex with dough.

-Armpit Fetishes: Maschalagnia is when you are aroused by smelly armpits and axillism is when a man has sex with an armpit.

-Hybristiphilia: every serial killer is flooded with love letters from people who are aroused by crime and criminals, particularly those that gain public attention.

-Autassassinophilia: needing to feel as though you are on the verge of death to be turned on.

-Emetophilia: when you like to watch other people vomit.

-Fecal Fetishes. Coprophagia is when you are into eating poop while coprophilia just involves playing with feces. Flatulophilia/Eproctolagniac is for people who are fart connoisseurs.

-Klismaphilia: you love to have liquid poured into your ass. Apparently you can get drunk much faster by consuming cocktails this way, but it also greatly increases your risk of alcohol poisoning.

-Somnophilia/Sexomnia: when you have sex in your sleep.

-Technology Fetishes: Robot Fetishism/Technosexual is when you love robots or want to be turned into one. Mechanophilia occurs when you are attracted to machines like cars, bikes and gadgets.

-Agalmatophilia/Pygmalionism: when you are sexually aroused by dolls, mannequins, or other figurines, to the exclusion of real sex partners.

See the complete fetish dictionary here: cltampa.com

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[See the complete fetish dictionary here: cltampa.com]

When it comes to sex, what we consider kinky is usually everything that happens in other people's bedrooms. Trying to understand another person's fetish is as psychologically confusing as a man attempting to masturbate while reading a romance novel or a woman trying to watch gangbang porn for the passionate connection between characters. The feeling of arousal and sexual desire is the same for most everyone; what changes is the ways in which these desires express themselves in our psyches. Just as some women grow up unconsciously drawn to men who remind them of their father, some men fetishize feet because of a former classmate who constantly played footsie under the table.

In The Book of Kink: Sex Beyond the Missionary, Eva Christina explores the hidden and often misunderstood world of fetishism. The book covers everything from the history of kinks to how-tos. Below is a sample of some of the lesser-known fetishes Christina illuminates.

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