2011 banned Super Bowl commercials: AshleyMadison.com, JesusHatesObama.com, and Lookup316.com (videos)

their partners will sign up? Despite the ballsiness of the company's business strategy, their banned commercial shows far less planning than most spouses put into concealing an affair. Sure the commercial features veteran pornstar Savanna Samson literally exploding out of her clothes and some light molestation of woodland creatures, but as a whole the ad looks like it was put out by a film school grad who got high during the shoot and kept saying, "You know what would be cool..."

JesusHatesObama.com: It's difficult to believe that this was ever a serious contender for a Super Bowl time slot, or that the right leaning FOX station rejected it. I can't imagine that a novelty company built around a slogan that is cut-rate for a bumper sticker could raise 3 million dollars, unless you believe liberal conspiracy nonsense about how the site is funded by the GOP. Even then, the ad concludes with what sounds like the MC of a monster truck rally (Sunday, Sunday Sunday!!), though perhaps this voice speaks to the company's key demographic. Despite the commercial's simplicity, there's no denying the humor of an Obama bobblehead that can't stop nodding and a plastic idol of a very white Jesus harnessing the dark powers of evil and hate to topple his Christian rival.

Lookup316.com: The only reason I can conceive that this ad was pulled is because it's way too boring for Super Bowl standards, or it could potentially turn more people off of Christianity than it would inspire. It features two fat football fans wondering what the "John 3:16," printed on a player's eye black means. If you're wondering, the verse has nothing to do with football nor does it inspire the kind of fire and brimstone intimidation of old testament scriptures like Leviticus 17:11, “For it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul,” or Numbers (23: 22) “He hath as it were the strength of a unicorn.”

Check out the ads banned from the 2010 Super Bowl.

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I'll be honest. I didn't even watch the Super Bowl this year. While I generally enjoy football and any excuse to get drunk on a Sunday, my stomach couldn't take anymore beer or chicken wings. Luckily for me my favorite part of this unofficial American holiday doesn't even make it to TV. While many people claim they watch the game just for the clever ads, I prefer to hit the internet after the final whistle to check out the banned ads that were censored for family friendly audiences.

With the rise of Youtube and viral electronic marketing, many companies seem to intentionally produce commercials that won't air during the big game. Not only does this save these companies the $3 million it costs to run a 30 second ad during the game, but often the censored ad—-say two male football fans kissing for the gay dating site ManCrunch.com—-receives more media coverage than the ones that do air, sparking endless debates regarding censorship and values. With that said, here are three ads that conflicted with FOX's standards and practices.

AshleyMadison.com: Is this dating site for disillusioned spouses controversial because unhappily married couples don't want other couples to have any fun, or because insecure spouses are worried

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