Found on Etsy: Lazercatz!

Daintylibrarian is a big fan of lazercatz. With kitcats, dinosaurs, and even tossing a laser wolf in there, this is a shop after my own heart. The laser cat onesies are a really cute, unique baby shower gift. Or if you're shopping more for yourself, the Dainty Librarian logo tee is a big favorite.


Last one! And it's a doozy. A little bit art, a little bit convenience, a little bit environmentally conscious — sewZinksi's Caffeinated Kitty travel mug is a winner. Each one is hand drawn so every mug is unique. And who knows, maybe the next time you run in for your next Starbucks fix, you'll be carrying this little lovely, run into the man/woman of your dreams, have an instant conversation piece, fallmadlyinloveandgetmarriedandITSALLBECAUSEOFME, and Etsy, I guess. It's worth a shot. Plus, the artist is local to Florida. Check it out.


All right, kitties, I hope you enjoyed the first round of Found on Etsy. And I hope you found something interesting, for yourself or maybe for a gift. AND I hope you won't judge me when you see how many of my entries revolve around cute animals, '90s memorabilia and vintage Hustler mags.

Till then!

People love cats. And people love lasers. I see no better way to begin my Loaf blogging experience than by showing you some small furry creatures with colorful lights exiting their eyeballs.

Lazercatz are still cool, right? They're still a thing?

First up, Cereal Killers. Rayyoungchu is a fab artist out of Huntington Beach and his Etsy shop is very much worth checking out. The cereal killers triple trouble print is my personal favorite, but if you aren't such a fan of kitties, the wolf-eating cat in an ice cream cone deal is amazing. (please click on images to bring you to their appropriate location to shop shop SHOP.)


Maybe the fancier things in life are more your style? Embroidery mayhaps? Nowvember's shop is excellence. She works out of Portland, Ore., and has a brain overflowing with good ideas. Her little journals are wonderful. Great for keeping notes or sketches, and small enough to jam in a back pocket. I own a kitten barfing rainbows journal, but if hurling isn't up your alley, maybe you'd prefer the kitty laser eye option.


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