3 Guys & Glee — The Podcast: Episode 8, "Wheels"

The episode revolves mainly around Artie, or "wheelchair guy," as I referred to him. (Very PC of me, huh?) The Glee club needs to raise money so Artie can join them on the bus ride to regionals. Meanwhile, Quinn the hottie is showing some serious affection for the mohawk-lovin’ Puck, and Finn is still stressed. Also, in a surprise move, our favorite Cheerio coach Sue opens up her softer side for the new recruit.

Missing this week: We didn’t see any of Will’s evil wife (poor Ken Tanaka), or the guidance counselor.

The songs were well done this episode (as always,) and they include Billy Idol’s Dancin’ with Myself, a song from Wicked called Defying Gravity, and Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner.

Overall, "Wheels" is a great Glee episode that stretched the dramatic muscle of the show while leaving fans of great comedy wanting more. Overall, I think it’s important to show a bit of drama after the last few comedic episodes (it gives Glee a nice balance), but I hope they bring back the funny next week.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and tune in next week for episode 10, entitled “Ballad.”

When Fox’s Glee premiered, CL readers (OK, Lily the intern) demanded a goofy podcast talking about the show, the songs and Bruce Springsteen. Now, we make good on this demand:

Click here to listen to 3 Guys and Glee, the Podcast with Kevin Hopp, Rabid Nick Refer and Jimbo.

This week’s episode is entitled “Wheels,” so let's take a look shall we?

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