A Very Potter Sequel is a super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot musical spoof

In the Harry Potter edition of my viral videos, I showed you the first part of A Very Potter Musical. It started out as a group of friends at the University of Michigan writing a Harry Potter spoof using a bunch of inside jokes. The show was originally performed in the Walgreens Center at the University of Michigan and was added to Youtube in June 2009. The first part of AVPM has received close to 2 million views.

A Very Potter Sequel (AVPS) premiered at Infinitus 2010 with an introduction by the creators, Team Starkid. By abusing my press access at Infinitus, I got to interview writer/Remus Lupin, Brian Holden along with a few other members of the cast.

According to Holden (one of two Brians involved in Team Starkid), the biggest challenge in writing AVPS was in trying to continue a story that already ended. In the months of writing, there were entire completed scripts that were thrown away. Yes, I asked. No, We can’t see the rejected scripts. According to Holden, if AVPS is received well, there might be a third spoof. They said that they have ideas for three, but “if people hate the second, we won’t do the three. We’re not Michael Bay.”

One of the other challenges in writing and producing AVPS was gathering the cast. AVPM was performed while all of the cast members were still students at Michigan, but by the time that AVPS was performed, a few members of the cast had already graduated.

The sequel includes all of the major cast members from the first one, with Darren Criss (Eastwick) reprising his role as Harry Potter and Joey Richter as Ron Weasley. There are some new characters, including Dolores Umbridge, the Scarf of Sexual Preference (mentioned in AVPM, but was too busy eloping with the sorting hat to appear) and Lucius Malfoy.

One of my favorite characters is Severus Snape, played by Joe Moses. He is a combination of the “snarky git” Snape played by Alan Rickman (Die Hard) in the Harry Potter movies and an evil Forrest Gump. He speaks slowly and plainly, repeating himself as well as those around him.

AVPS made some major improvements over its predecessor, using more scenery and better dancing, but like all sequels, was a bit disappointing. I enjoyed the plot and songs. The singing was better in AVPS and the recording was a higher quality, but ultimately, AVPS almost seemed like a spoof of itself.

It was funny, but seemed like more of an inside joke than the first. One thing I did appreciate, however, is that like the first spoof, every time you watch AVPS, there is another one-liner to pick up on.

Like most of my favorite plays, movies and Youtube videos, AVPS isn’t an intellectual kind of funny, it’s just schtick (the well placed use of a “walk this way” joke). There is just the right blend of physical humor, pop culture references, innuendo and spoof to rate A Very Potter Sequel as one of the best things I’ve seen this year.

If you like AVPM and its spawn, make sure you also check out Team Starkid’s other projects, Little White Lie and Me and My Dick.

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