Alex Rodriguez: From A-Rod to A-Fraud to A-Roid

It didn't take long for the nickname to change, reports CBC Sports. After revealed Saturday morning that Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for steroids in 2003, the Yankee third baseman was almost immediately re-christened A-Roid by the New York Daily News — and also by the Dallas Morning News, the Seattle Weekly and the Star Telegram. (And another Post columnist threw in a "Roid-riguez" for good measure.) The New York Times ran an interesting piece of analysis of what might have led Rodriguez into this mess, while the blog Out of Left Field discusses why the A-Roid headlines are just going to distract from the bigger issues: the anonymous testing that wasn't, and what that means for labor-management relations in Major League Baseball, and the "kindergarten view of the world" that leads to the "shocked, shocked I tell you" reactions to the A-Roid revelations.

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