AltDotPop: Beiber's Barbie, Gaga's Hairy Dress, A Next Top Model Mistake and Octomom's Gummi-Bear Bra


  • Lady Gaga is wearing a dress made of hair this week. What was it that Tim Gunn told Chris March about his hair gowns on Project Runway ..."When you first enter into the monkey house at the zoo, you think, ‘Oh my god this place stinks!’ And then after you’re there for 20 minutes you think, ‘it’s not so bad’ and after you’re there for an hour it doesn’t smell at all. And anyone entering the monkey house freshly thinks, ‘this stinks!’ You've been living in the monkey house.” Dear Lady Gaga, you might be living in the monkey house.

  • Mariah Carey was seen in a wheelchair and somehow the explanation that she twisted her ankle and didn't pack any sensible shoes is acceptable. I'm sorry, ummmmm, I don't mean to be crazy here but do they not sell shoes in Singapore? Flip-flops? Nikes? Steve Madden flats? This story gets an eye-roll.

  • Rachel Uchitel, alleged Tiger Woods lady-friend, is going back to school to get her masters in crime fighting or something. Why? Because "she has always been obsessed with anything related to crime -- television shows like Nancy GraceCold Case, To Catch a Predator." If that qualifies you to go for a master's degree in forensic psychology, then all of our grandmas need to get back to school, a.s.a.p.

  • Twi-hards have a new team to get behind, the Joe Jonas team, a.k.a., the JoJoBros (I am still working on the team name). Joe and Ashley Greene might be more than a publicity stunt*, they might actually like each other.

  • Just when we thought no one could get worse than America's Next Top Model host, Tyra Banks, we experienced the horror of Australia's Next Top Model. Did she let a dingo into the studio? No, that would have been a giggle compared to what she really did. Crowning the wrong girl. On LIVE TV. Even the model haters have to think this is cruel.

*See Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift for the definition of a publicity stunt relationship.

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  • The cure for Bieber-Fever has been found. It's made of rubber and has moving parts. Ok, get your mind out of the gutter... it's a doll! Dirty.
  • Looks like Rihanna is one of those friends with you just can't trust. She throws Katy Perry a bachelorette party and then calls her albums "generic." She dared to group Katy in with that unsuccessful bore of a pop-star, Lady Gaga (insert "yawn" here). Beotch.
  • Would you pay $10,000 for a picture of Lindsay Lohan? She seems to think that is what it's worth. She will be lucky to get $10,000 to do an entire film.
  • The octo-mom had a garage sale this weekend and everyone is focused on the fact that she was selling used undies. The real prize in this white trash estate sale though, is the "red bra with gummi bear stains." I sincerely hope that she was just sitting in her bed, surrounded by her flock of babies, wearing a sexy red bra and chowing down on so many gummi bears that some stuck to her bra, she didn't notice and those cute little gooey guys were on there long enough to actually cause a stain. Actually, I do not hope that but it is the only explanation.
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