AltDotPop: Paris and Lindsay avoid jail, Katy and Nicole celebrate their singledom, Gossip Girl meets the undead and a Jersey Shore farewell

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  • [image-1]Courtney Love has reinvented herself yet again and this time she has gone the way of Barbie on cocaine. Looking emaciated with fake ta-tas and bad hair extensions is not a makeover. It's probably just a precursor to another stint in rehab.

  • According to's exclusive source, Pauly D is saying goodbye to the Jersey Shore and some genius over at MTV thinks that he deserves his own show. What will the plot of this future Emmy-winning reality series be? Pauly's DJing, of course. Because we all super-care to see him spinning some sweet tunes in mediocre clubs all over this great country of ours. I cannot wait to set my DVR for this one.

  • Lauren Conrad has realized that she is out of money and her fashion line can't stand on its own merit. She has decided to return to the medium that made her famous, MTV reality shows. Welcome back, LC, at least it isn't Dancing with the Stars.

  • Remember when Taylor Momsen wasn't getting a verbal beatdown from fashion's king of class, Tim Gunn? Remember when Taylor Momsen looked... not like the bride of Frankenstein? It was a simpler time.


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  • It's been a doublemint week in pop culture land. Two "celebs" are out of jail when they should be in. Lindsay Lohan was released after less than 24hours and Paris Hilton pled guilty on her possession charge and got probation. Two celebs (only one deserving of the quotation marks on celebs, so I opted not to use it) are celebrating their last days of freedom and singledom: Katy Perry through a bachelorette weekend in Vegas while Nicole Richie opted for even sunnier skies, in Cabo.
  • Us Weekly is reporting that Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson are divorcing. I had no idea that they were married, but I, for one, am outraged. How could a super-cool, rocking director and the woman behind "Barracuda" not make a marriage work?! And how long do we have to wait before he makes a Heart tell-all behind-the-music-style movie?!
  • Kim Kardashian isn't just a hot body. She is also every man's fantasy girl, hanging out at Oktoberfest drinking a ginormous beer, eating a ton of carbs in the form of a huge pretzel and with a whole buncha cleavage. Thanks. Kim, the rest of us look greeeeeeat next to you now.

After the jump, a Jersey Shorian jumps ship, back to three judges for Idol, Courtney Love's new body/face/plastic parts and Gossip Girl Zombies.

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