Apple Almost Scores Big Against HTC

A big win in court, but don't expect it to change anything.

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What does this mean to you who love your EVOs, Incredibles, or MyTouchs? Well not much, your phone will continue to function as per normal. However, HTC, Google, and other Android manufacturers will have to create a new bit of code to make the same result. You won't notice the difference. The ban doesn't go into effect until April, giving the devs plenty of time to write new code.

A victory? Hardly.

click to enlarge Thunderbolt from the ITC? -
Thunderbolt from the ITC?

click to enlarge Thunderbolt from the ITC? -
Thunderbolt from the ITC?
  • Thunderbolt from the ITC?

Recently the news hit that Apple had won a ban against HTC's Android handsets in the U.S. As of April HTC will no longer be allowed to sell its little green robot phones in the U.S. This is huge, you hear the fanboys cry! Where it is quite the shot to take for a company that exploded on the back of Android's meteoric rise to dominance. However, the devil as they say, is in the code. Those lines and lines of gobbly-gook that make our dear sweet computers do what they do. What Google (not just HTC) has done is kang a few lines of code from Apple.

Oh, no! Yeah. They did what software developers have done for years. They saw a feature invented by another and decided their product should do the same. Well somewhere in the process they either directly copied, or by chance wrote the exact same code used in Apple's iOS.

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