Ask Dream Momma: Dreamer goes to the birds

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This is a marvelous symbolic dream. Very archetypal. You don’t mention your feelings or reactions to this dream so Dream Momma will assume that it meant something to you or you wouldn’t have mentioned it.

There are three archetypes in the dream. (Archetypes are primary universal images) Birds, black birds, and a white bird. Let’s look at what other elements are there. We have falling from the sky and standing still on earth. Enough for Dream Momma to connect the dots.

Birds: According to Carl Jung, birds represent spirits, angels and supernatural aids. The archetype of a blackbird symbolizes vigilance, warning, temptation, bad luck and evil. On the other hand, white birds indicate spirituality, temperance, virginity, peace, nobility and joy. They are also connected to the soul and the spirit of life.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. A black bird, if paired with a white bird is symbolic of parts of the soul. That’s what makes this dream so cool.

But dear dreamer, you are not a bird so what does all this have to do with you? This dream indicates your connection to nature and the sea. It tells Dream Momma that when you get away from it all, especially your dark thoughts, anger and possibly depression, you defeat those things. You discover the stillness of peace and serenity.

Now this is all fine but you don’t live on the beach, you need to go there to find something that Dream Momma would like to see you access more easily, so here’s what she suggests. Go to the beach and put a small amount of sand in a glass vial. Perhaps one of those snazzy little bottles some girls wear around their neck. When you’re not at the beach, every time you feel those dark birds approaching grab hold of the vial of sand, take three deep breaths, and imagine being on the beach with the still white bird at your side.

Dream Momma

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“Dear Dream Momma, I dreamt that I was at the beach and all of a sudden, black birds were starting to fall from the sky all around me. But there was a really tall white bird right by my feet. Just quiet and still, but still would not leave his spot.”

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