Ask Dream Momma: dreaming of a baby hippo

“Dream Momma, I had a dream about a dolphin, out of water, floating through the sky. Then disappearing. I went looking for it and found it lying on the ground. My brother-in-law was also there and he told me not to get too close to the dolphin, lest it would bite me. I, however, felt a connection to the amazing creature, felt no fear, just love. I dragged it back to the water. When we were in the shallow waters of the sea, I saw it had a little one with it. I thought the baby looked funny, and when I looked closer, I saw it was a hippo, no bigger than a domestic cat. It borrowed itself under the sand, as the waters of Mother Ocean went over it. The dolphin swam into the ocean, which was beautiful, dark blue and calm. I was just wondering, what would the dolphin represent — other than the injured instinct? Does it represent anything specific as a dolphin?”

Dream Momma loves these interesting dreams with all their little quirks and sharp corners. Now she understands you want to know about the dolphin but she needs to tell you that it is the least interesting thing about this dream. Dolphin dreams are so ho-hum and commonplace. However, you being the dreamer and needing answers here goes. The dolphin (not different from the porpoise as classically defined) usually means one of these 10 things. Salvation, spirituality, fertility, music, prediction, swiftness, water, liberty and duplicity. The 10th and the most important definition is whatever it means to you. So, dear dreamer what does a dolphin mean to you?  Especially one that gives birth to a baby hippo (a shadow figure just newly emerging then back into hiding).

Dream Momma also needs to tell you that nowhere in the dolphin symbolism does it mention injured instinct however it is well known that dolphins can be rescuers so she will assume that is what you are referring to. In addition, in the dream you act as the dolphin and rescue the rescuer but it comes with a warning (baby hippo).

Hippos are interesting animals. They are dual-natured, bury themselves underwater and are known to be very territorial, aggressive and eat their young. Dream Momma sees this dream as one of wish-fulfillment (Freud’s theory). We have Mother Ocean, dark blue, and calm;  hassle free, a place where you would like to psychologically and emotionally live. But wait! When you come into consciousness (shallow water) things are not as they appear and who briefly shows up but a baby hippo (a new thought, memory, desire or idea in your unconscious).

Now Dream Momma needs to warn you that the baby hippo is not a good sign, so you need to think about saving the dolphin as something ultimately dangerous to your inner world.  Pay attention to your brother-in-law as he has appeared as your dream guide to warn you of potential harm.

Dream Momma

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