Ask Dream Momma: help with being directionally challenged

“Dear Dream Momma, I have been reading you a while and finally decided to send you this repeating dream. In the dream I was in strange city, lost and trying to get to a specific location in that city or get home (not sure if it was my home at the time), asking people for directions and they would sometimes help and sometimes not...but I was even directionally challenged in my dream.”

Dream Momma can see clearly why you are having this repetitive dream. This dream that is your best friend and trying to tell you something you really need to know. So, what is that something?  From what Dream Momma can figure out the key words in your dream are “asking people.” In other words, dear dreamer, you are going out rather than in. Out to the external community rather than into your internal world. The only world that really knows what is best for you.

Dream Momma thinks that is why your dream keeps coming back, like a nagging mother, wanting you to take care of yourself. In this case taking care of yourself means shutting out the external voices and beginning an internal dialogue with you and you. Listening to what your true, inner voice is telling you. Only then will you find a clear direction for yourself.

Dream Momma suggests looking into the Pregoff Journal exercises to begin that all-important dialogue.

Good luck and sweet dreams.

Dream Momma

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