Ask Dream Momma: Keith Richards has his hottie

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Dream Momma says the short answer is to get another girlfriend because she is definitely out of there. Your unconscious knows it so it’s time to get a clue. The deeper answer is you’re stressing yourself out not because your girlfriend is hot, it’s because you think you own her (“…protecting what’s mine.”) Wtf? Enough said.

Now here’s the long answer. Your dream is meant to be a wake-up call. Your unconscious wants you to learn more about yourself. It’s telling you that you can’t control anything but yourself and once you try your life goes out of control (car going over the cliff). Now there may be an unconscious part of you that wants to be Keith Richards but in reality, you’re not. Dream Momma gets the impression you’re just a guy in over his head and feels badly for you. There are lots of guys like you. I call them the Icarus crowd. The guys that eventually fly too close to the sun fueled by a modern fantasy spoon-fed by the media and mad men to become inauthentic. Now that is the true stress of the modern man. His ability to bullshit himself and tragically believe it.

Here’s what you need to do. Ditch the girl, get into some type of non-competitive wilderness adventure (Outward Bound for example) and start testing your true limits. Find a decent therapist or men’s group to begin to understand who you truly are, not who you think you are or fantasize about being. Trust me when I say girls love the authentic man. Don’t believe me? Read “Oriah Mountain Dreamer.” Good luck.

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Jesus, Dream Momma, you got to help me. I’m having this dream/nightmare over and over again and don’t even want to sleep any more. I have this girlfriend, she’s hot and I get stressed a lot protecting what’s mine. In the dream I am driving on a road that’s on the edge of a cliff. I can barely keep the car from flipping over. Suddenly my girlfriend flies by me on the back of this hog and this guy, who looks like Keith Richards, is driving and laughing. He’s got a cigarette in his mouth that doesn’t blow away and my girlfriend is laughing too and hugging him pretty far down past his waist. I try to call out the window to tell her to get her ass off that ride but I can’t speak. The wheel jerks to the right on its own like the car wants to chase after them and then it goes plunging off the cliff. I grab the wheel and scream then wake up in a sweat. It’s scaring the hell out of me. What should I do?

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