Ask Dream Momma: Smoke signals from the unconscious

Recurring dreams are like nagging moms. Remember the mom who wanted you to wear your mittens, eat your veggies, etc.? Think back, why did mom nag you so? Wasn’t she trying to prevent something bad from happening to you? Another thing about repetitive dreams. They are a call to action and once you act, they retreat. In addition dreams never bring you anything you can't handle.

This dream is about your fear that your children will come to harm but dreams are always symbolic. The harm may not be from a fire in the middle of the night, if there even is a fire. There certainly is smoke but being a dream and being symbolic, that doesn’t mean there’s a fire.

Archetypically smoke is s symbol of unconsciousness so Dream Momma wants you, Dear Dreamer, to ask yourself what danger might you be unconscious to? What danger could terrify you and forces you to act? Start a journal and write down all your fears, especially the one’s that come from your gut. Think about the people in your world, do any of them give your gut a twinge or two? To do this you'll need to call upon your Fearless Self.

Dream Momma is confident that when you tackle this mystery by becoming fearless and facing your fears, you'll connect the dots and this dream will go up in smoke.

Dream Momma

“Hi there! A good friend referred me to you ... Let me tell you about the recurring dream I keep having several times per week ... In the dream I can literally smell smoke, it seems so real that I actually jump out of bed and run to my children’s bedrooms to rescue them, but by the time I get to our bedroom door and swing it open I realize it was a dream. I will stand there and sniff and sniff the air for a few seconds to assure myself that I don't really smell smoke. My heart is racing and beating out of my chest at this point and I have a very hard time falling back to sleep after this. It is very disturbing. Please help if you can. Thank you!”

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