Reel Terror: It's baaaacccck…

Prepare to have your soiled pants scared right off! Today is the day of Creative Loafing's Reel Terror 2013, presented by Villagio Cinemas — a one-day film festival celebrating the local horror scene, and the many brave souls who risk their lives and finances in pursuit of their dreams. Reel Terror includes panel discussions, celebrity appearances, screenings of selected films, an awards ceremony, and much more.

The fun starts at noon today at Villagio, the deluxe cinema complex in Carrollwood, and continues all day and into the night, with the always-hilarious awards ceremony at 11:30 p.m.

Villagio Cinemas is at 11778 N. Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa.

Official Selections and full schedule after the jump, or check out the Reel Terror page.


Resurrecting Evil
A young detective returns to duty after the untimely death of his wife and is faced with a series of grisly murders that may involve a young, unsuccessful screenwriter and her once famous horror director grandfather.

Joe Vampire
He's old, out of blood, his rent is due. He's Joe Vampire. Stars: Mike Christopher, Erin Nicole Cline, Mike Duffau, Krista Grotte amd Joel D. Wynkoop in this tale of the average Joe who just happens to be a vampire.

Jack Swings
Jack is a lost man who comes home for Christmas to find his wife with another man. Jack's revenge is swift and punishing. Somewhere along the way, Jack has lost something dear to him and everyone around him pays the price. Jack Swings portrays a man's spiraling descent into madness.

Agrizoophobia is the story of 3 friends that take a fun camping trip out into the woods They are unknowingly confronted with a savage beast that turns into a life or death situation for the group. Will they make it?

You Will Love Me
After visiting a supposedly haunted forest, a teen girl comes to believe that a violent poltergeist has followed her home and is stalking her.

Amerikan Holokaust
Prepare yourself for a journey through HELL as you witness the private home videos of two whacked out Vietnam Vets on a killing spree. Watch a video diary of a madman where you will not only hear about these vicious crimes, you will actually watch them as they happen!

Secret Family Recipe
Due to economic hardships, a family turn to extreme measures in an effort to maintain their lifestyle.

Dormant "It only takes one"
Currently surviving in a zombie apocalypse two brothers Mick and Shaughn are in search of micks girlfriend leah. They battle through zombies to survive another day. When mick accidently kills his girlfriend, everything comes to a quick end or does it?

The Night the Haunted Stroller Ate St. Petersburg
A mother out on a stroll finds a stroller haunted by the ghost(s) of a voodoo baby and Skunk Ape. She enlists the help of two paranormal in-wrestle-gators to stop it using kaiju and board game combat.

Infinite Nightmare
A man trapped within his worst nightmares on a constant search for the woman he loves while being haunted by his lingering fears and doubts. His trek through this nightmare is intertwined with fragments of memories in which he relives these moments without the power to change it.

A vicious murderer is on the loose and the entire city is on edge. It's the perfect evening to lock the doors and have a night at home with some friends. But what happens if one of the guests you've invited, is in fact the brutal killer that the city is fearing? House Guest is a tense thriller that locks you inside the doors of the Murphy home, where new relationships are formed, a Father and Son bond is tested, and a Brother and Sister struggle to stay alive. Featuring Alex Vincent and Maylin Morera Directed by Jake Jalbert.

Several months after a zombie outbreak Frost Bite is the last town in Alaska. For John Bannister and his team of survivors it's what they call home, and it's all they got. Now, an unforeseen evil has risen, and his name is Regis, and he wants everything they have. Zombies are one thing, but Raiders are something else entirely. Directed by Joe Davison. Presented by Red Gears Studios.

Red Flags
This film contains terrifying statements made by real men. It is a list of warnings most women overlook. They are called Red Flags.

Camp Carmella
Simon is convinced in attending a one on one acting camp with the eccentric Carmella Volker, who appears to have alternate motives.

The Position
Office workers compete for the top job with a supernatural twist.

You Are All Going to Die
During the relaunch of USA Up All Night a stalker is killing the cast members of Zombie Truckers 3.

Theater A

12:00 p.m. You Will Love Me, followed by filmmaker Q&A

2:45 p.m. Joe Vampire, followed by filmmaker Q&A

4:45 p.m. Frost Bite followed by filmmaker Q&A — Presented by Red Gears Studios

7:00 p.m. House Guest, followed by filmmaker Q&A with Alex Vincent and cast

9:00 p.m. Resurrecting Evil, followed by filmmaker Q&A

11:00 p.m. Shorts: “Camp Carmella” and “Jack Swings”

11:30 p.m. Awards Ceremony

Theater B

12:00pm American Holokaust, followed by filmmaker Q&A

1:45 p.m. Shorts: “Agrizophobia,” “Dormant Something Something,” “Peace, Love, Unity, Revenge,”

2:45 p.m. Shorts: “The Night The Haunted Stroller Ate St. Petersburg,” “Secret Family Recipe,” “You Are All Going to Die,”

3:45 p.m. Shorts: “Jack Swings,” “Camp Carmella”

4:30 p.m. Shorts: “Infinite Nightmare,” “The Position,” “Red Flags”

5:30 p.m. Shorts: “Agrizophobia,” “Peace, Love, Unity, Revenge,” “Dormant”

Theater C

12:00 p.m. Resurrecting Evil

1:45 p.m. Shorts: “Infinite Nightmare,” “The Position,” “Red Flags”

2:45 p.m. American Holokaust

4:15 p.m. You Will Love Me


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