Between the sheets: top 10 most provocative books out this month

The best books on sex, sexuality, and gender out this March.

The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Our Culture (3/19/2013)
by Liza Mundy

Publisher's Description: Bestselling author and Washington Post writer Liza Mundy takes us to the exciting frontier of a new economic order, showing why more households will be supported by women than by men within a generation and how both men and women will feel surprisingly liberated in the end. She goes deep inside the lives of cutting-edge couples to paint a picture of how dating, sex, marriage, and home life are changing. She also investigates all the new, sometimes highly personal debates born in a society that can no longer assume the male is the primary breadwinner.

The Real Chimpanzee: Sex Strategies in the Forest (3/28/2013)
by Christophe Boesch

Publisher's Description: The Real Chimpanzee encapsulates the fascinating behaviour of wild chimpanzees and discusses the differences observed in different populations across the species, and across the many levels of their social behaviour. It explains why sex competition and predation pressures in a forest chimpanzee population made the females of the group highly social and gave the males a high level of within-group solidarity, making them very xenophobic towards outsiders. Love is what makes war possible. Christophe Boesch brings back to the table the debate over ecological pressures and social organization, and the influence they have over issues such as the evolution of warfare, co-operation, altruism and the position of females.

Ageless Erotica (March 2013)
Edited by Joan Price

Publisher's Description: An anthology of erotic stories and memoir essays written for a mature audience by writers over 50. Edited by senior sex expert and advocate Joan Price, this collection is full of erotica seniors can relate to—embracing the agelessness of sexuality while still encompassing the changes that accompany aging. Some selections are tender and loving, while others are edgy and kinky. But whether characters are going solo, having spicy sex with partners they love and have loved for decades, or engaging in casual encounters, every story included in these pages aims to arouse and to rejoice in the sensual side of aging.

Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World (3/12/2013)
by Shereen El Feki

Publisher's Description: As political change sweeps the streets and squares, the parliaments and presidential palaces of the Arab world, Shereen El Feki has been looking at an upheaval a little closer to home—in the sexual lives of men and women in Egypt and across the region. The result is an informative, insightful, and engaging account of a highly sensitive and still largely secret aspect of Arab society. Sex is entwined in religion, tradition, politics, economics, and culture, so it is the perfect lens through which to examine the complex social landscape of the Arab world. From pregnant virgins to desperate housewives, from fearless activists to religious firebrands, from sex work to same-sex relations, Sex and the Citadel takes a fresh look at the sexual history of the region and brings new voices to the debate over its future.

Dana Hoey: The Phantom Sex (3/28/2013)
by Johanna Burton

Publisher's Description: For more than 20 years, the photographer Dana Hoey has explored what it means to be female. Using both staged and directed photography, her meticulously constructed pictures often combine the sunny daylight and saturated color of commercial, digitally enhanced film stock with the iconography and framing of religious painting. Her early work claims influences as diverse as Bernini's "Ecstasy of St. Teresa" and Philip Roth's American Pastoral and reveals a fascination with corrupted idealism and the power of heedless actions. More recently, Hoey has explored scenarios in which older women play central roles and typically female activities take on elevated status. In her latest pictures, resin casts of her own and friends' bodies, found sculptures and plastic tarps serve as stand-ins for human subjects. The Phantom Sex is the first comprehensive overview of this prominent female photographer in more than ten years.

Multiple Origins of Sex Differences in Brain: Neuroendocrine Functions and their Pathologies (3/31/2013)
by Donald W. Pfaff (Editor)

Publisher's Description: In theoretical terms, sex differences in brains and behaviors of laboratory animals offer the possibility of fascinating scientific studies on a range of molecular phenomena such as genomic imprinting, DNA methylation, chromatin protein modification, non-coding DNA, potentially resulting in important neuroanatomical and neurochemical sex differences in the brain. Such sex differences could arise consequent to exposures to testosterone early in development, or to other effects deriving from the Y chromosome. However, this general subject has been treated with much hyperbole. Historically, sex differences were assumed to be present where they did not really exist, e.g. with respect to mathematics, executive leadership, etc. Under what circumstances do we really care about sex differences in brain and behavior? These circumstances concern human maladies whose diagnoses are much different between boys and girls, or between women and men.

Women, Sex, Power, And Pleasure: Getting the Life (and Sex) You Want (3/1/2013)
by Evelyn Resh

Publisher's Description: Sexuality counselor and nurse-midwife Evelyn Resh focuses on helping you create the life and sex life you always hoped for by looking at your relationship to pleasure in general. She explores the importance of all types of pleasures—from a simple coffee break to great sex—and shows that without having these experiences on a regular basis, life feels empty and overall health suffers.

Same Sex Marriages: New Generations, New Relationships (3/8/2013)
by Brian Heaphy

Publisher's Description: Based on extensive couple and individual interviews with young partners who have legally formalized their relationships, this book argues that same sex marriages in everyday life need to be understood in terms of interlinked developments in lesbian and gay worlds, heterosexual relationships and in personal life. The book sheds light on the generational and biographical factors that influence same sex relationships and discusses the implications for how we understand changing heterosexual relationships and marriages.

The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex (3/5/2013)
by David Borgenicht

Publisher's Description: Blind dates, bad kissers, breakup texts, nightmare hook ups—it's a jungle out there! Luckily, the authors of the bestselling Worst-Case Scenario series have created the most comprehensive handbook for surviving the wilds d'amour through every phase of a relationship, from courting and getting hitched to breaking up and moving on. Collecting hundreds of the best of the worst dating and sex scenarios from across the 27-book series—and featuring dozens of new entries—this bedside bible of illustrated, expert advice on romantic and not-so-romantic disasters will keep readers amused and safe in equal measure. Also including an appendix of pickup lines to avoid (or use), handy excuses, guide to body language, an "It's Not You, It's Me" letter template, and more.

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Dollars and Sex (3/19/2013)
by Marina Adshade

Publisher's Description: Like Freakonomics, Dollars and Sex takes economics and converts it into a sexy science by applying the principles of supply and demand, and other market forces, to matters of love, courtship, sex, and marriage. As she does in her popular blog, author Marina Adshade explores the marketplace for sex and love using research, economic analysis, and humor to reveal just how central the interplay of libido, gender, love, power, and economic forces is to the most important choices we make in our lives. Call it "Sexonomics."

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