Bill's Sports Binge: Rays rocked by Sox, NFL officially kicks-off and A.J. Green the latest to come out of the "dumber than dirt" closet

[image-1]49er legend and Irish alum Joe Montana, apparently bored senseless, mentioned in an interview with Dan Patrick that the movie Rudy (the only movie men are allowed to cry at as well as the only positive thing that can be said about Notre Dame) was basically a load of shit, proclaiming the stadium never chanted his name and that he was only carried off the field as a joke (this just in: I f*****g hate Joe Montana); Georgia stud receiver, and current MENSA member A.J. Green was suspended four games Wednesday for selling a game worn jersey to an agent for $1,000  (four games? Geez, it's not like he raped somebody); Minnesota heads to New Orleans to officially kick-off the 2010 NFL season in an NFC title game rematch (well no, not really because the winner won't go to the Super Bowl. They'll just be 1-0) where the bet is pretty evenly matched concerning the amount of the times the word "Favre" is mentioned versus the amount "Katrina" is mentioned.

Bill's quick pick (oh so that's what that picture meant): Vikings, if Adrian Peterson holds the damn ball and Favre's last pass isn't to a Saint

The Whiplash Rays finished off the series against the Red Sox the way they began it. Embarrassingly. Garza, typically nails on the mound, allowed 6 runs in just over 4 innings (total runs allowed in the 6 of his previous games combined). Four of them were homers, including one by Fat Sloppy, David Ortiz (pictured right, evidently thanking the God of Nachos Bell Grande). Plus the Spank-me's won. That's 2 1/2 games behind first place with 23 games to play in the regular season. So what does it mean? Today? Nothing. Too many Plenty of games to go.

And blackout! Wanna see the Bucs? You do? Then go to the stadium or a couple of counties over. Outside of that? Shut up. Just shut the f*** up already. Why do I continue to scroll down the articles to the comment sections to read the incessant babblings of colossal ignorance.

"It hurts the economy!"

"Why are all the games at 1 p.m.?"

"Can't bars show it if they have NFL Ticket?"

"If the NFL truly cared about people it would lift the blackouts until the economy fully recovered."

To name a few.

Answer sheet in order:

-If your economy depends on a free TV show eight days a year, something in your investment portfolio has gone desperately wrong.

-The games are at 1 p.m. because the Bucs suck. 4 p.m. games are reserved for marquee matchups. The worse we are, the more we sweat.

-No. Look up blackout, dumbass.

-You first, tough guy. What business are you in? Lead by example and just start giving it away until the economy recovers. Good luck with that.

I've never heard a bigger bunch of irrational crybabies. Demanding to see a team they've been dogging on for years as if it's in the Constitution. It's a football game, entertainment, a luxury item, hence a non-essential in your budget. Not an entitlement, you warped backward-ass wingnuts! You gonna protest Porsche next? I mean, they've priced the regular guy entirely out of the market. Don't you deserve a nice car? You work hard, don't you? If Porsche really cared, they'd price them fairly until this crisis is over. Or how about Bern's Steakhouse, or Delta Airlines, or Best Buy? You deserve a 121 inch plasma, don't you?

It triggers my gag-reflex to see the people to whom, as a season ticket holder for 11 years and a game-by-game customer for years before that, I've contributed in providing all this free home game action to by purchasing a ticket. Just goes to prove, give something away for free long enough, it becomes unappreciated, expected, and eventually demanded by a spoiled populace. Sound familiar, America?

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