Catch My Disease: viral videos of the week (7.9.10)

These guys remind me of Bret and Jemaine of the New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. They sing, they're silly and no one is really quite sure why it's so entertaining. I'm hoping to see more from Peter and KassemG. They call themselves "troubadours" who sing "street ballads to the unwashed masses." I hope to see more of their boardwalk serenades in the future.

  • The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time - hh1edits

What can you do in the next 10 minutes? You can watch a video with the 100 greatest insults from 93 unique movies and push this video to over three million hits for the week. This video probably took weeks to edit together, but is worth the 10 minutes of Facebook stalking you'll miss to watch it. If you have 10 more minutes to waste when you're done, watch the 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time. Want to know which movies are in this video? It's all here.

  • Hitler se enterea que Alemania juega contra Argentina (original posta) - tilderman

Alright uni-lingual readers/watchers out there. I apologize for this one. The speech is in German, the subtitles are in Spanish. If you're really interested I can provide a LOOSE translation. I am not fluent in Spanish and I don't speak German. The gist of this though is that Hitler is planning a celebration for a German victory in the World Cup and he finds out that Germany will play Argentina and he gives a rather passionate speech about winning. I thought that the Hitler part would make me uncomfortable, but it's strangely funny.

Could this actually happen? I'm afraid to find out. Maybe if this was shown on MLIT (my life is twilight). I can't decide if I like the discussion of Kung Fu Panda more or the giggling on the bed like little girls. On a more general note: piracy is bad. Making the video viral? That would be good. If we can make more go viral, I won't have to subject you to the Annoying Orange.

In the honorable mention category for this week. I have to mention the World Cup edition of Will It Blend? It's kind of funny that vuvuzelas make the same noise inside a blender as they do out of one. I also have to give some props to the Associated Press for getting video of Linds crying in court. One of my favorites is Carboard Warfare. Is is pure gold. Can we push it over the top?

This week was a strange one for the youtubers among us. There were a few videos that exploded to the public eye, but there was little else that caught much attention. Perhaps the mid-summer slump that affects television has come to youtube. The most popular video this week was the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, getting nearly a million views in its first 24 hours online and more than four million views since June 28. Beyond Harry Potter, I have five more videos for your viewing pleasure. I apologize in advance for the one that isn't in English; you can contact me for a translation. If you have no idea what's going on, check out the first set of viral videos.

This video is a follow-up to the highly popular Super Bowl Old Spice ad, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." The single shot commercials are completely addictive and I have no idea why. I think it's some combination of the actor's hypnotic voice, the incredible photography and that little something extra. This new ad is equally silly and enticing. I'm on a horse.

The countdown to No. 1 continues after the break, along with a few of my favorite runners-up:

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