CL Writing Contest 2017 (Top 10 Poetry): Carousel

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 So, this is the kind called blood

She liked the name, made them seem alive.

Florida's signature fruit marking amber- lit days,

A carousel of county fairs, pink flamingo glasses

and alligator clocks.

Feet swinging off the back porch, eyes focused on burgeoning trees,

the grove seemed endless when a thought breezed in,

who might be buried in this one?

The ochre skin peeled easily, revealing crimson flesh

Fade the canned laughter, scripted chatter

This one spoke of clandestine nights and plum wine.

Florida raw, stained and sweet

She's nothing like her bygone trinkets

She's everything like her bygone trinkets

Does the Silver Meteor still stream through Tampa's Union Station?

Bedlam and breakfast of the southern states

Like Saffron imparting flavor to its dish

while leaving that telltale 



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