CL Writing Contest 2017 (Top 10 Poetry): The ABCs of the 45th: Decoding the Donald

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As of January 20th, 2017

Behold a new world leader previously seen

Celebrity Apprenticing.

Donald—The Donald.

Eloquently, he tweets alone in his new home,

Frequently fabricating facts, birthing an alternative version.

Great we think, another alt movement

Heralding in a boycott of Starbucks, Nordstroms and who knows who’s next.

In violation of rules of ethics, Conway infomercials Ivanka’s line

Just kidding she says thinking it will go away.

Kushner, his aide and son-in-law and confidant

Legally, Sir / Dad / Donald, we can do more. Remember the

Massacre at Bowling Green and the Muslims behind it.

Nevermind, it seems it never occurred.

Occasionally facts not fitting with their

Partisan politics and purpose to

Quietly divide the

Right from the Left

Stating ludicrous things this way and that.

Undocumented immigrants 3-5 million strong who

Violated the voting laws.

What about the wall? Lock her up! Barry wasn’t born here.

X-rays of these claims, these insane refrains

Yield a truer picture of a

Zebra without stripes revealed to be a thin-skinned, orange-faced man.

Vote for your favorite poem and story at through March 3.

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