CL's Barketing Director trains for the Running of the Wieners

Calypso is not pleased to be classified as an "Older Oscar." At least she's not a "Senior Sausage."

Calypso - Cathy Salustri
Cathy Salustri

Older Oscar. That's how Suncoast Animal League classifies Calypso.

Calypso has a name for people who refer to her as "senior" but this nine-year-old dachshund is too busy training for the Nov. 12 Running of the Wieners to bother with insults.

Why is she doing the race? Well, duh: She loves, loves loves Suncoast Animal League, of course. 

She excelled at Earth Dog training, whereby she ran through tunnels to find a (caged) rat. She also loves to run; when she puts on the speed, I can't catch her. So it seems like she should excel in this race, too. After all, she's a working dog, right? A hound?

Except, uh, Calypso comes to work with me and, well, she sort of has a way with men. Always has. Maybe it's her big brown eyes or the way she can work the charm, but she's gained a bit since I (we) took this job — mostly by conning the guys out of their lunch. Seriously, she stops at Ray Roa's desk first thing every morning, knows that Joey's a soft touch and also can hear Scott get out his lunch every day. So, training has been an uphill slog.

However, her age puts her squarely in the "Older Oscar" category and while she's not really happy about that, I see it as a way for her to be a ringer in this race, especially if I can get some regular sprints in with her.

Or, you know, a treat.

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The Running of the Wieners happens at Dogtoberfest and costs $7. All the money goes to some of the best animal peeps Calypso and I know. If you have a dachshund, please enter him or her. As long, you know, as Calypso still wins.

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