Comedy, by the book — books by local comedians

Stand-up comedians are writers, naturally. Somebody has to jot down those funny observations that get used on stage.
But some comedians take the writing thing a step further and actually complete books. Whether they're true-life accounts of a comedy career, a springboard for funny stories or a bit of fiction, local performers have some books you should check out. Here a couple of comedians who have written books, both of which are available on Amazon in e-book format:

How About A Hand for the Last Guy by Al Romas

Great shows. Hell gigs. Cruise ship cabins. Comedy-condo dumps. Al Romas goes through his extensive comedy career, sharing personal stories, comedy advice and info on big-name comedians along the way. From Jon Stewart to Joe Rogan to Jimmy Fallon, there are plenty of entertaining stories about comedians you know (and others you should know).

This isn't a pat on the back for Romas, either. Sometimes he does well, and sometimes he bombs. He'll nail a headlining gig and then flame out on television. That's how you know this isn't a sanitized version of a comedy career. It's real life. Romas is honest about the ups and downs of his stand-up journey, and the mere fact that he's still doing it (and doing it well, as a "Best of the Bay" winner for stand-up comedy) shows that the ledger came out in his favor.

Standup and Be a Lady by Robin Savage

Savage's book is partly a book about comedy and partly a comedy book. That means you'll get some interesting chapters about gigs and working in a comedy troupe, and then a chapter written by a cat. Yes, a cat. Savage imagines how cats would speak if they could, she defends her favorite Harry Potter character from the popular book series and she lets her corporate trainer persona take over for a little while. The end result is a quirky-but-endearing account from a mother, a comedian, and a performer trying to navigate the weird world of stand-up.

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