Craig Ferguson's Does This Need to Be Said? proves that he's the best host in Late Night television

The most charming, cranky old bastard you could find, exploits his freedom on the stand up stage in Nashville, his ability to swear fills him with particular glee -- "Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck." He even jokes about his son having a swear jar that he often pays great sums in advance to. Not to say that the host of The Late Late Show doesn't drop bombs on CBS at night, he takes great pride in pissing off his stage director and the limp handed censors. But on stage, while cursing out the idea of sexting, Ferguson relishes his freedom to be balls to the wall, much in the way he saw becoming an American as the most liberating thing he could do with his life.

Apparently, Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet is a fat bitch. Well not really, but as a RABID late night huckster, Craig Ferguson has to dish celebrity dirt to stay employed. In this uproarious performance, we, the simple minded viewer gets a glimpse at what happens when a late night host is faced with dealing with the catty stars in the real world. Celebs can be such cards, can't they? To be fair, if Kate had just let Leo get on the door with her in Titanic, none of this would have transpired. And as a side note, I personally find Ms. Winslet lovely, you know, in case she's reading (Hi Kate! [email protected]).

Craig Ferguson just doesn't give a shit. He really doesn't. While other hosts are so far up their own ego's ass, worried about each other, ratings, their hair, the cantankerous Scott just does what he does, says what he feels, even it includes rude puppets and lip synching to Britney Spears songs. In viewing his EPIX stand up special, you yourself can see just how genuine the guy really is. And who do you trust to laugh with the most? The only real guy in the room, the guy who has nothing to lose.

“I promise, I'm going to get to this joke...”

“I wanna try something I don't normally do ... I'm going to try to tell you a joke.”

With all the hubbub in the media last year regarding bitter, embattled late night talk show hosts, the one guy you should really be paying attention to was vastly ignored. Forget Chinface Chippendale or The Non-Barbarian Conan, TV's Craig Ferguson is the best thing in late night television since the infomercial.

What a rogue! From a meager upbringing on the mean streets of Scotland, to cheeky talk show host-turned proud American citizen, Ferguson couldn't care more, but not give a damn less at the same time. His new stand up special, Does This Need to Be Said?, airing Sat., Feb. 19 on EPIX will prove to you just that.

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