DC Comics taps Ryan Reynolds to star in Green Lantern

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DC's announcement of Reynolds comes as a bit of a shock, considering the news that the Proposal actor is also reprising his role as Deadpool in a spin-off movie for Marvel, DC's main competition. Believe it or not, Reynolds is not the first to play both sides. The dreadful performances by Halle Barry as Storm for the X-Men and Catwoman were the first example, but it looks like she'll have company.

I don't like this decision at all. Let me preface this by saying I am a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, whether anyone else is or not. I liked Van Wilder, and of course, his usual character in Waiting. Blade Trinity and Just Friends are always entertaining, though I thought Reynolds was just average in Smokin' Aces. The guy is comedy gold and is a perfect fit for Deadpool.

I don't, however like the idea of two very different superheroes being played by the same guy. I think this is a lot to overcome for a movie (Green Lantern) that has had trouble getting off the ground. Also, the characters of Deadpool and Hal Jordan could not be farther apart, which will provide for some issues for the audience and the actor, alike. I'm not much of a Green Lantern fan (the last draft of the script I read was dreadful), but I will reserve my judgment for the theaters.

So, now you're wondering who I would cast, aren't you? Of course you are. I would have liked to have seen what Bradley Cooper could have done with the character. I am also a huge Nathan Fillion fan, but I feel his comedy is wasted in a film like this. The same problem for Justin Timberlake. In the end, I would picked Terminator: Salvation's Sam Worthington. I thought he was good in Terminator, despite the immense flaws the film had.

So, who would you have preferred to wear the ring?

Speculation over the casting for DC Comics Green Lantern had been raging all week, with names like Jared Leto, Nathan Fillion, Ryan Reynolds, The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper, and even Justin Timberlake being tossed around. In a move that could provide more drama than the movie itself, DC announced Ryan Reynolds will slip on the ring for the character of Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern.

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