Diary of an unemployed housewife: hydraulics, baby!

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When I see kids with their pants around their ankles, I want to buy them a belt, and when I watch them spend "mad cheese" on rims and car stereo equipment, I just shake my head and think about how that "cheese" could perform in an IRA.

So needless to say, things have changed over the years. Don't get me wrong, I still love hip-hop and have been known to break it down at a party or two, but you won't find my 30-something self at the "club" or blaring the system in my SUV. So think about these images as you enjoy the genius that is "Suzy Jenkins: Suburban Housewife."

Peace out mofo's,

The Unemployed Housewife

I have never been a big fan of YouTube; it seems like you have to weed through a whole lot of junk to find anything of any merit. Well, that's the way I felt until last week, when a friend of mine saw this link and thought of me and my blog.

Now, before you watch the video I have to give you a quick re-cap on just how cool I thought I was back in the 18-to-23-year-old range. Clubbing (Stormins or Ybor) every weekend, car shows, driving through neighborhoods at 3 a.m. with the system up, and you know it had to be Snoop or Biggie Smalls, Crutchfield, bumpers in my hatchback, rims, draulics, black and milds, oh yeah baby, I was living my suburban version of the thug love life.

Flash-forward to the present, when "kids" are driving through my neighborhood with their systems up and I'm silently reciting the non-emergency police phone number in my head and counting to ten while peeking through the blinds.

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