Dissecting Dexter: Season 5, Episode 10 "In the Beginning"

On the case that Maria LaGuerta has reopened thanks to Deb's recent findings, Deb and Quinn are assigned to the mysterious men surrounding Boyd Fowler, including Cole and Jordan Chase. Deb quickly finds that Jordan's security head Cole has disappeared, and reveals to Jordan that the police know Boyd Fowler isn't the only man they're after. Neither Deb nor Jordan are very happy about the exchange.

At Cole's apartment, Deb finds blood and The DVDs of the women he's tortured. (Which made for a really unpleasant, stomach-turning scene that enforced my dislike for this rape theme.) Despite loving Jordan Chase as a character and Deb's role in this whole thing, it's just really unnerving. Plus, every time Lumen and Dexter have a heart-to-heart about how they're saving each other it makes me want to cry.

Masuka discovers from going through the DVDs that the 13 victims look suspiciously similar to one another, and that there were only 12 locks of hair at the Boyd Fowler crime scene. He's close. Deb's close. Has Miami Metro ever been so close to pulling at the strands that carefully hold Dexter's lies together?

It doesn't take long for Deb and Quinn to track down Alex Tilden, the mystery fifth guy revealed by Emily. So now Deb knows that Boyd, Cole, Jordan and Dan the Dentist are involved. I'm not sure how they suspect Alex is involved, but at this point it doesn't matter. It's important to note that Quinn is involved at every level of this investigation as Deb's awesome brain figures everything out. Which means talk of "vigilantes" is probably going to make him suspect Dexter. It also doesn't help that his P.I. is using surveillance to learn what Dexter and Lumen are doing at night. At one point he sees Lumen practicing stabbing a body with one of Dexter's knives. This cannot end well.

This is turning into one of those Dexter situations where the person getting close to Dexter's secret will be killed, except that this time, Dexter has no idea who the creepy sneak is or what he's up to. I have faith Dexter can fend off Deb and the force, but I don't know how he's going to get out of this situation with his secret, his life and/or Lumen's secret/life intact.

Jordan also knows what Dexter and Lumen are up to (he's apparently very intuitive), and tracks them to Cole's house. Then he calls Deb (!). And feeds her false information about Alex and Cole. Man, this guy has serious issues.

Deb and Quinn go to Alex's house, because of Jordan's call. Of course, it's also where Dexter and Lumen are laying Alex out on the kill table. Right? Wrong! They're actually next door, in a classic Dexter fake out. (One thing I will always love about this show is Dexter's pre-kill voice. Michael C. Hall drops his voice to this low, sinister, hiss-like tone and it's awesome.) Dexter tells Lumen to aim for the heart when she kills Alex, and she DOES.

By the end of the episode,  everyone sort of knows what Lumen and Dexter are doing, except Deb doesn't know WHO is doing it, and Joey's P.I. doesn't know exactly WHAT they're doing.  Jordan, on the other hand, knows everything.

Does anyone else get the feeling that things are going to go terribly wrong for Dexter very soon?

The Lumen/Dexter chemistry is going to a very weird place. I don't know how we're supposed to feel about her donning her very own killer outfit (complete with gloves!) and preparing for the next kill with knife in hand. Is Dexter a proud teacher? A lonely widow? And just as I was about ready to say that this episode was awesome...


Was this real? On what planet does this make any sense/would ever happen? Dexter's found someone he can love AND kill with? Besides being jealous of Julia Stiles for getting to have a hot and totally awkward makeout scene with Michael C. Hall, I find myself wondering how either of them could bring themselves to have sex with each other in the midst of this truly horrid rape/murder fiasco.

Oh, creepiest scene of the episode? Emily's talk with Jordan. Somehow, this poor, poor girl is still being manipulated by Jordan, who actually did all of those things she told Lumen he did. I thought the rest of the episode made me want to puke, but this scene really did me in. The two can't even touch without shuddering, as Jordan talks about their "special bond." Yuck!

Two more episodes to go; see you back here next week for "Hop a Freighter."

"You don't miss a thing," Dexter says to Deb. And boy is he right.

Dexter's biggest problem in this episode are The DVDs that Miami Metro finds of the rape victims. Besides providing the backdrop for a disturbing episode, The DVDs start a chain reaction that threatens Dexter and Lumen's cover. Deb figures out everything short of Lumen's connection to this web of torute. She figures out that Cole is working with a group of men who are slowly disappearing at the hands of someone who knows what they're up to. A "vigilante," Dexter calls it.

Dexter and Lumen set their sights on Emily Birch, presumably Jordan and Co.'s first and longest victim. Emily Birch is small and blonde, and has prison bars on her doors and windows. Though she's a great liar (not), she denies knowing teenage Jordan or any of the rapists. Lumen eventually persuades Emily to tell her what happened to her at camp two decades ago. Turns out, she befriended Jordan a.k.a. Eugene Greer (whaaat?) at camp, and she felt bad for him. Then she passed out one day at camp and was subsequently raped by Jordan/Eugene's friends. The thing is, though, Eugene never touched Emily, he just persuaded his friends to do it, and then took satisfaction in the fact that they had. Oh, and then the boys made her take their picture. Plus, the fifth guy in the photo is Alex Tilden. But more on him later.

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