Dissecting Dexter: Season 5, episode 8 "Take It!"

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Deb doesn't feel bad about killing Evil Carlos Fuentes, which is awesome. It's interesting on its own, but especially when compared to the feelings her brother has about killing people. She and Dex briefly discuss this, taking a life and not feeling bad about it. "Some people deserve to die," he says, referencing father Harry.  The conversation gave me goosebumps, and I hope it's a thread that gets pulled until it unravels.

At the Take It! seminar, Cole approaches Dexter, apparently not remembering that the last time the two saw each other Dexter was breaking into Cole's house and then Cole was getting his ass kicked by Lumen. Cole brings Dex to see Jordan Chase, who of course has some very profound things to say concerning Rita's death and Trinity. Whaat? Jordan knows way too much about Trinity's life as a family man/killer, in a way that Dexter connects with. Jordan has a theory about Dexter's primal self. And he know Dexter's son's name is Harrison. Creepier by the second.

Lumen plays a bigger role in Cole's kill than she has so far, buying supplies for Dex and eventually setting up the kill room with him. Along the way, she reconnects with Owen, her fiance who she ran out on right before their wedding. He proves to be a bit difficult. He wants to take Lumen around the world with him; he's oblivious, and it's sad. It's also really boring and an unnecessary addition to the Lumen storyline. After meeting with him, she is distressed and distracted and backs out of her parking space and into a car. A car driven by Quinn's secret spy. "An old P.I. move,' he says about the not-so-accidental accident.

On the secret spy front: He knows all about Lumen now, and reports it to Quinn, in addition to threatening to tell Deb about his whole project. Honestly, I'm ready for it to get to that point. Or for Quinn to learn some actual incriminating information about Dexter.

Dexter prepares to kill Cole, having Lumen help him set up the room. Lumen is smart enough to know by the intricate planning that this isn't Dexter's second kill. Cole's too busy having sex with some skank, so the killing doesn't take place that night. As they prepare for it the next day, Dexter is called out by Jordan Chase, who still knows way too much about him, at his continuing Take It! seminar. He makes Dexter recall finding Rita dead in the bathtub, and encourages him to identify his primal self. Too bad it distracts him from his plans with Lumen, and she' spotted then chased by Cole. Dexter saves the day by tackling Cole in the last second, but I'm not sure I liked any of it. It was too close for comfort, and the rape theme is a bit too intense at times. It's in a whole different category, and Julia Stiles plays it well enough that it's easy to feel disgusted and creeped out along with her.

The kill scene was really neat to watch. It seems Dexter has found someone who he can confide in completely, someone who accepts him for who he is. Lumen even seems to be fascinated by the process, the avenging. "Miguel couldn't, my father couldn't. Can anyone live with the truth of what I am?" Dexter says. And it's a good question. Cole is dead by episode's end, and the best scene of night was Jordan Chase chatting with Dexter as Cole's body is stuffed into the various suitcases at Dex's feet, his head in a round bag swinging from the luggage cart. Jordan makes a mistake though, and inadvertently reveals to Dexter that he's Lumen's "watch guy." Tick tick tick, that's the sound of his life going away, as Dexter and Lumen set their sights on him for next week.

It's called "Teenage Wasteland," which sounds like an episode that will explore that photo Dex found of these terrible men as teenagers. See you back here next week!

This episode had just the right amount of fervor, excitement and heart. Things continue to heat up as the plot thickens and our characters are put into weirdly unprecedented situations. And we've still got four episodes to go! I love, love, loved the cheesy, creepy, really unsettling Jordan Chase "Take It!" opening. What a weirdo. Dexter's there, naturally, in the blue-lit audience of Chase's seminar to get some info on his soon-to-be latest victim and  tap into his "primal self." He wants to kill Mr. Chase and Co., starting with security guy Cole, for kidnapping and raping Lumen. "You're all going to die; some of us sooner than others,' Chase says, as Dexter thinks it.

In Miami Metro Land, the cops are taking some heat after three people died at their club stakeout last episode. Poor Yasmin is dead, and now her family is bringing a lawsuit against Maria LaGuerta for running the operation. There's a lot of LaGuerta/media tension, and lots of shots of her with a microphone shoved in her face. She's desperate; desperate enough to come up with a bunch of shifty stories about the operation that place the blame on anyone but her. Deb gets into it with LaGuerta, who wants to discipline the new cop gal for following her orders and subsequently starting the gun fight that resulted in the deaths. In the end, LaGuerta throws Deb under the bus, blaming her very publicly for what happened at the club. Deb is not happy. She's placed on paid leave, which either really sucks or is really great, depending on what she does with her time. I don't look forward to seeing her not do police work, tough.

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