Dog Wars banned, as it should be...

Apple users have been saved this kind of outrage due to their strict approval process to get an app put on the App Store. Us who chose the Linux route face a far more chaotic world without father Jobs looking out for us. That said Google does troll the Market, but they usually take a hands off policy until someone complains or something is patently malicious. This most of the time seems aimed at identity stealing and botnet malware.

The 800-pound gorilla here is censorship. Which cuts both ways. Should you be allowed to play this 'game?' The answer is yes, however in Google's private sandbox they rule. So all this means is you have to find the installer on the web for yourself, and sideload. That is the process by which you install an app from email, or the web, or even your SDcard. The web is wild, but the Android Market is Google's sandbox, and they rightfully have banned the app.

Now that I've gotten all that off my chest, the game...

It doesn't waste much time, you jump in with a stack of money, and you have to buy a victim, um I mean dog, food, various drugs for the dog, and you have to play rope with him to strengthen his bite. In all honesty, I never made it past this point. It's hard to play, as the bite training requires a combination of turning the phone to activate the gyroscope and touch the screen to pull the rope from the poor poor dog. Apparently, you have about four things you have to train your victim, um I mean dog; bite, dragging, running, and something else I never went far enough to see.

In the end it's not well coded, and definitely a very poor choice of subject matter. You can still get it, if you must, but I don't recommend you do that. Stick with flinging birds at pigs to destroy their homes, and kill them. At least that's a little more fantasized, and not gritty, realistic, and sad like Dog Wars.


Dog Wars by Kage Games, the game, which if it had used cute made-up monsters — I'm looking at you, Pokemon — still wouldn't be a hit. It would however be less reprehensible. So in the name of research, like a preacher warning his flock of the vile evils that would befall you should you ever dare walk the halls of the bare, I have walked the halls of one of the lamest and poorly written apps on the (not any longer) Android Market.

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