Dream interpretation: Envy, a normal family green thing

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“Dear Dream Momma, In my dream I was walking with my little sister. She told me not to look behind me or I would get hurt. That made me feel very uncomfortable and trip out a little so I started to walk faster. I pulled hard on her arm but she pulled away and walked slower than before. I was afraid to turn around but I knew my sister was walking right behind me and I felt weird, like she was going to hurt me so I turned around to look at her and instantly she says, “don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you.” The way she said it was probably the scariest/weirdest part of the whole dream. In real life my sister and I are really close. What do you think it means?”

Dear Big Sister, the first thing that comes to mind is sibling rivalry. Something every sister with sisters, even brothers, has to deal with. I’m guessing that what she doesn’t want you to see, why she tells you in the dream not to look behind you, is because you will see her envy. Something she's aware of (and you are too unconsciously) and doesn’t demonstrate unless you are not looking. Think back and see if there is an incident between the two of you that triggered this dream. Something where you might have curried your parents favor or reached a age appropriate milestone she is yearning for. (With my girls it was getting pierced ears).

The good news is that now you know it is there, you can stop idealizing the relationship and meet your sister on a more realistic footing, something that will pay great dividends when you both are fully mature. I also believe that she speaks her truth in the dream. She will not hurt you, at least not consciously.

Dream Momma

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