DVD Review: The Last House on the Left (2009)

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The Movie:

This remake tries really hard to imitate the style of the original film with long panning shots, dark and stormy nights, and drawn out dialogue. Last House takes the brutality up about five notches from the original, however. Very rarely do I find any scenes distasteful, but I found the beating and rape of Sara Paxton's Mari to be just a bit too graphic and unnecessary. Paxton's performance is very good, but she is the only one with acting ability in the movie. (In particular, Monica Potter as Mari's mother is absolutely terrible.) Mari's family soon comes upon the very same criminals that raped and nearly killed their daughter and decide to exact some revenge. The "revenge" in this case is brutal, graphic and really drawn out. Scenes that should have the audience cheering these bad guys getting their comeuppance are instead kind of boring.

Overall, the beginning of Last House is too over the top, and the rest is too slow to be interesting. The unrated edition adds some completely unnecessary scenes, and an addition to the ending that is totally uncalled for. I am fan of the horror genre, but Last House just didn't do anything for me.

The Extras:

This DVD contains both the unrated and rated version, which is just silly. Who watches the rated version over the unrated one, anyway? The DVD also has a couple of deleted scenes (which were cut for a reason) and a 4 minute "enhanced trailer" with a couple of clips of Wes Craven. With virtually no extras, and really no benefit to the unrated version,

The Bottom Line: Save your cash for Inglourious Basterds on Friday.

In remaking the 1973 Wes Craven classic The Last House on the Left, director Dennis Iliadis tries to scare us like Hollywood used to with this story of a vicious crime and a family that seeks bloody revenge. The movie comes out on DVD today, so let's find out if it's worth your hard earned cash.

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