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Getting its name from the shop owner's love of vintage camper restoration, CampyClassics is another great Tampa vintage shop. What first caught my eye were the two amazing avocado and mustard colored 1970's blenders. I am not one to be in the kitchen, well, ever if I can help it, but child, I will blend you up something amazing in one of these blenders. Gorgeous. And a good price! CampyClassics has lots of really fab vintage kitchen items for you to peruse, but they also have something I don't often see on Etsy and actually quite like a lot: a Make an Offer section. Sometimes as a vintage hunter, you find something you know someone else will really enjoy, but you just aren't quite sure of the value..maybe because of slight imperfections, or maybe just complete indecision! That makes the Make an Offer section perfect. You tell them what you want to pay. And it's good stuff! The mid century modern tins are amazing. And while I am a big fan of the tins, the brass dhorka peacock really needs to come live with me (and the turtle from GoodBones of course. Animals need buddies).


The last shop for today has a catchy little name. RubyBeets is a Tampa artist with a love for vintage gems. She tries to hunt out "vintage items that breathe life into art." On my first glance at her shop, I thought she had done just that. RubyBeets offers up pages upon pages of found objects, ephemera, vintage buttons, and other little bits of past adventures. The "gleaned treasures" section of the shop is easily my favorite. I have a huge love for vintage anatomy and that glass x-ray is just gorgeous. The metal numbers and rusty faucet knobs are equally as fantastic. But if that isn't your thing, there's lots more to choose from. The vintage button and threadwork sections are quite extensive, and the library holds lots of great old craft books. Get a hop on Christmas shopping and go find something for a special someone.


Isn't it a great feeling knowing so much good stuff resides in your own little town? Now get outta your house and go splash in the local puddles!

I'm not quite sure where my love for all things vintage originally stemmed from. Gaining my hoarding tendencies from my grandparents, I vividly remember getting lost in the wonder that was their Tennessee farm house. I would drink juice out of old rinsed jelly jars and Flintstones glasses, and create new culinary wonders with metal cookie cutters and fun dulled utensils. We'd eat our soup out of large ceramic bowls and watch my brother play with rusted trucks while looking at the clock to see if it was time for The Price is Right (Bob Barker's inability to age still trips me out). Later, my grandmother and I would paint and create the most amazing art projects with things we'd found from our treasure hunts on the farm. It was magic.

So, when I say I'm not quite sure where my love for all things vintage stemmed from, I think I may actually mean I know exactly where it stemmed from: Tennessee Sundays.

And, in case you're curious, my culinary wonders always included a large dollop or two of Marshmallow Fluff. If that doesn't say something about me, I just don't know what does.

So, for this week's Found on Etsy, I thought we'd bring it back home and focus on vintage. But, always one for a fun twist, let's keep it local.

Not one to pick favorites, I'm starting off with my favorite. GoodBonesVintageCo is a fantastic, and rather new, Tampa Etsy shop. Run by newly married dollbabies, Chris and Sarah, GoodBones "find(s) vintage home decor, typewriters, and cameras, furnishing from mid century modern to 1970s kitsch, retro fabric, tools, industrial items and clothing to bring charm to your home, closet and craft table." The large collection of vintage cameras and typewriters originally brought me to this shop (I mean, that Bell and Howell film projector, COME ON!) , but once I was here, I noticed all the fantastic other eclectic wonders: industrial lamps, gorgeous luggage, the cutest mustard colored fondue pot around ... and that's just on page one! With a nod to mid-century modern, there's something for everyone here. Whether you're hunting fantastic industrial metals, bright popping colors, or just looking to add a vintage griddle to your kitchen, this shop is sure to please. And speaking of pleasing, that brass turtle container on page five has my name all over it. And on sale!

(As always, clicking the photo will bring you to the shop you desire.)

So this next shop really could be selling poo in a bowl and I would still be talking about it because their photos are so good. So bright and colorful, and it doesn't hurt that one of my all time favorite go-to colors is turquoise. Nicely played, VintageChichibean, nicely played. (And Etsy sellers take note: pictures matter! Make 'em good.) But really, VintageChichibean has a lot to offer. Shop owner, Carol, finds her inspiration from the outdoors, Florida wildlife, and the thrill of the "hunt." A pro at refinishing and repurposing antique and found items, she has a shop packed full of wonder. There's everything. There's upcycled vintage lamps, there's French maps, there's gorgeous rustic kitchenware, there's refurbished frames and shelves, there's a Star Trek mug collection forgoodnesssakes. I adore the shabby rustic charm of everything in the shop. It gives off a warm cottage vibe of old Florida. It's enchanting. Check it out.

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