Got dog? Doggie lounge opens in Ybor

A different way to hang with your pup.

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click to enlarge Dog beds splayed throughout the area. - Cathy Salustri
Cathy Salustri
Dog beds splayed throughout the area.

So I'm standing in Theo Wujcik's old studio and I'm watching Earth on Netflix. Seriously, this is not apropos of anything, but so great I have to mention it: there's some sort of monitor lizard hatchling trying to get through a snake-ridden savanna-esque landscape, and, well, it's not going well for the monitor.

But it's amazing, because this one hatchling makes a break for it, staying stock-still as a snake — whose senses are movement-sensitive — weaves around the statuesque lizard. As soon as the snake has passed, the monitor makes a break for it and I shit you not there are thousands of snakes that start to pour out of the rocks, giving chase to the monitor. It's like an Indiana Jones movie with snakes everywhere, pouring from unseen crevices in the rocks.

Spoiler alert: the monitor gets away, and it's a glorious moment of triumph.

It's been a good five minutes that I've been standing in front of the TV at Got.Dog, with Calypso happily sniffing the area in front of the couch.

And that's kind of the idea: you can sorta hang at Got.Dog and it's OK. 

It's not exactly the prettiest dog lounge you'll see, but seriously, have you ever seen a dog lounge? It's a place where you can chill with your pup, which is not exactly that different than what I'm doing right now — braless and comfy AF binge-watching Hawaii Five-O — but still kinda nifty. It's different sort of business model, where you and your buds can hang and Netflix and chill with a bottle of vino while your pups play and pass out. 

Will it work? Who knows? But Kate and I spend enough time at 81Bay Brewing with our pups looking all hangdog at the end of a leash (pun intended) that I can kinda see where this might have a lot of potential. 

It's a startup, for sure, and not the poshest of places, but the proprietors seem committed to having fun with their dogs — and yours. 

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