Why you might love the next Grinch film

Christmas is just around the corner. Apparently.

click to enlarge Happpiest. Dog. Ever. - Illumination Universal
Illumination Universal
Happpiest. Dog. Ever.

Apparently it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, because Illumination has — I shit thee not — released a trailer for a Christmas movie, earning them the award for "making us think about Christmas while we're still trying to lose our eggnog weight."

And it's for the The Grinch, the latest in a seemingly-never-ending strain of mutated How the Grinch Stole Christmas! films based on the beloved 1957 book from Dr. Seuss. That book later became a 1966 film with Bois Karloff and later became... well, a whole lotta weirdness, including one attempt with Jim Carrey, who looked better in green in The Mask.

This is my way of saying that as much as I love the original, I've hated pretty much everything since and I was wholly and completely prepared to hate this one, too. 

And then I watched the trailer. 

We here at CL aren't in habit of reviewing movie trailers (well, OK, I sorta do, sometimes), but based on this trailer I'm prepared to love this film. 

Here's a breakdown of what made me think this film may actually improve on the classic:

At :26, we see Spelunking for Beginners, published by Cave. You have to watch the trailer fullscreen and pause it to make out the title, which is designed to look like a Dr. Seuss book. Points for attention to detail.

click to enlarge It's the little things. - Screen shot
Screen shot
It's the little things.

At :50, enter Max. 

click to enlarge Rube Goldberg, anyone? - Screenshot
Rube Goldberg, anyone?

I love this dog. I always have. I own a stuffed Max, complete with the antler that Velcro-fastens around his head. 

The Rube Goldberg factor in the trailer is amazing. Max goes full-barista, too.

click to enlarge You could never train a cat to do this... - Screenshot
You could never train a cat to do this...

Of course, Grinch doesn't want no fancy foam hearts in his cappuccino, does he?

Wait 'til you see how Max brings the coffee to Grinch. 

And, hey, look who's sporting some tighty-whiteys at :57...

click to enlarge So apparently the Grinch hasn't been naked all these years... (keep watching!) - Screenshot
So apparently the Grinch hasn't been naked all these years... (keep watching!)

So, yeah, the film looks really well-done. Let's hope these aren't the finest moments from the film. 

click to enlarge The Grinch - Illumination Universal
Illumination Universal
The Grinch

And also that by the time the Nov. 9 release date rolls around, we're actually ready for the season.

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