Have zombies finally jumped the shark?

Avery Publishing released Zombie Economics: A Guide to Personal Finance by Lisa Desjardins and Rick Emerson (MSRP $16) today, a book that compares managing money to surviving a zombie apocalypse and how certain life-or-death scenarios can be applied to the bottomless pit of debt in real life.

The authors are TV and radio journalists, whose bios, incidentally, share the names of their dogs and favorite sports teams. How so very edgy, eh?

I caught Desjardins on CNN a few minutes ago chatting up the book and was underwhelmed by the issues and situations she brought up. I haven't read the book, so I'll reserve judgment on its overall handiness financially, but the interview I heard didn't reveal anything new beyond its cleverly undead twist and oh-so-hip premise.

Which begs the question: Can zombies still be cool if they're creeping away from pulp entertainment, so far away that they're now stumbling onto the manicured lawn of grown-up responsibilities?

Don't people read stories and watch movies about back-from-the-dead walkers to escape the humdrum blahs of grown-up life — most particularly, ugh, finances?

And doesn't the financial world already have a zombie representative in frozen-gaped guru Suze Orman?


Do I really want my favorite creatures of the undead teaching me how to spend money?

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