HCC Ybor Dance Event features paladin New York artists, cakeface, perform vice. (with mary kate) causing audience members to realize, they don't have to be a vegan to be badass

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[caption id="attachment_117061" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="cakeface performs vice. (with mary kate). Photo courtesy of Tom Kramer"]

From left, Amanda Szeglowski, Jeso O'Neill and Elle Chyun are New York performance artists of cakeface. Photo courtesy of Elle Chyun.

[image-1]In fact, it gave me reason to hold my ground, listen to my rage, and ravage the Jamaican jerk chicken that certain liberals of America seem to believe is an abrasive act against nature.

Remember fanny packs? Remember headbands? Remember the Oregon Trail? Remember the word, badass? Amanda Szeglowski, Elle Chyun and Jeso O’Neill do; and they’re bringing badass back. When their powers combine (reference to 90’s cartoon Captain Planet) these girls from the N.Y form the group, cakeface.


I’m sure all of you have heard or have partaken in a conversation similar to that. Being a vegan or vegetarian has changed from being a dietary choice to a “political statement,” raves "Beef and Broccoli" lyrics of Immoral Technique through the theater's speakers.


Furthermore, becoming a veggie has become a trend. It has become what makes one cool or badass. When and why has it become a social trend to eat nothing but carrots and broccoli? Does becoming a veggie separate you from the gluttony that is this American life? Is keeping oneself away from the sautéed, spiced and marinated smell, taste and nutrition of steak, ribs, lamb, bacon, chicken or a breast of veal keep one from being the picturesque superficial and materialistic American that France and other nations have grown to hate?

Dear Veggies,

Some of you are actually anorexic and cover it up by saying, “I’ve decided to live a healthier eating-style, and losing weight is just a natural side effect.” Fuck that. Additionally, some of you believe you must be a veggie to be liberal. Fuck that. Some of you liberal thinkers, believers and eaters are actually the most ethnocentric people I’ve ever met. I doubt people in the slums of Africa, Panama or Bulgaria should be nor want to be veggies. How dare you preach and “liberally” force the ideology of your opinion that being an herbivore is simply healthier/better for everyone. Fuck you. I doubt Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is supposed to be an herbivore. Veggies, do realize, that some of your fellow Americans, are from a culture who hunts, skins, cleans, cooks and eats various types of animals. They did it before animals needed rights, Mad Cow disease and Swine Flu, and they’ll continue to do it after. Being raised in the South, I could easily say, “It’s un-American to refrain from eating meat.” But, I don’t, because you being a veggie means more deer jerky, goat curry and pork dumplings for me.


Lisa LeaTrice

vice. (with mary kate) by cakeface leaves one pondering, does eating apples and corn make you feel badass? And if not, then, FUCK VEGANS. More importantly, do whatever it is that does make you feel badass. You hippie-nouveas, those who vogue in your bedroom mirror and those who still bust out the robot at the club, badass is you.

After sitting through what seemed to be an hour’s worth of voyeuristic gentle porn (various young adults in ballet clothes stretching) and then watching my 7-year-old’s finger paints be re-created by artist/dancer Meghann Snow to the tunes of ">“Paper Planes” by M.I.A, Hillsborough Community College’s Dance Ybor event finally gave me a reason not to slit my wrists to dull the pain; New York artists, cakeface.

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