Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files: Bucs v Browns

Congratulations Buc fans your football team is 1 and 0. The bad news, you beat the Cleveland Browns. While Fox was playing TMZ reruns your Pewter Pirates we getting their 2010 football on. The Highs and Low from the Facenda files gives you exactly what you need to know about Sunday's Buccaneer game. Enjoy!

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Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files: Bucs v Browns

Sunday Sept.12 marked a fresh start for Raheem Morris and his 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No looking back for these pewter pirates, only forward to the newly renovated Cleveland Browns who were in town for a rumble at Raymond James Stadium. It was TMZ re-runs shown throughout the Tampa Bay area when toe was put to leather. The first of what seems could be several blackouts here in the local market. It would be Jake Delhomme and the Browns that would strike the first blow this Sunday.

Cleveland - 41 yard TD pass Delhomme to Massaquoi

1st and 10 and the Browns have the ball at the Tampa Bay 41 yard line. Delhomme under center in the I formation. Its a play action pass. Looks deep over the middle, splits two Buccaneer defenders and its caught with nobody between Massaquoi and the end zone and he will walk in for the score. Touchdown Browns! So here we go folks, week one begins with a little irony, Cleveland is named after the color of doo-doo but it's the Bucs playing like shit.

The Buccaneers would answer with the leg of Connor Barth from 49 yards in the closing moments of the first quarter of play. In the Second quarter the Browns running game battered the defense of the Buccaneers eventually scoring and taking a 14-3 lead over the home team. Josh Freeman and the Buc offense eventually began to put plays together moving into Browns territory only to make a costly error.

Buccaneers - Freeman INT

2nd down 20 for the Buccaneers after the holding penalty on Kellen Winslow Jr. Freeman in the shotgun at the Browns 45 yard line. There's the snap. Cleveland is bringing the heat. Freeman throws right for the rookie Williams and its picked off. Mike Adams is going the other way. Adams is across the 30,  makes a move on Winslow at the 40, and is brought down close to mid field by Mike Williams. Freeman airmailed the pass to Williams and over threw him by a good 10 yards right into the arms of the safety. This would be a great time for a veteran back-up to calm the nappy-headed QB down but ooohhhh, sorry, no veteran leadership needed here. Why have a quarterback controversy. Or a competition for that matter, it's not like it's a sport or anything. Man, I'm bitter. Still have a migraine from the Noles abortion.

Not to be out done Jake Delhomme left the door wide open for the Buccaneers who looked to be on the ropes headed to the half.

Buccaneers - Barber INT

Time running out on the Bucs here in the first half of play. Browns have the ball at the Buccaneer 39 under a minute to go. 1st and 10 Delhomme in the shotgun. Takes the snap. Looks for the quick throw not there; Stylze G. brings the heat from the outside, Delhomme throws as he's hit, and it picked of by Ronde Barber at the 35. Thank you Jake DelHomme. Anything you can do I can do better. Take that Josh Freeman. No one is between Ronde and the goal line. Ronde is across midfield at the thirty, He's slowing down. What the hell are you doing grandpa? Across the 20 to the 15. Three Browns giving chase and Ronde is in a wheel chair.  Run damn it. Son of a bitch. Barber is pushed out of bounds at the 2 yard line and he needs life support. 1st and Goal Tampa Bay as Barber is hooked up to an IV filled to the brim with Metamucil.

Freeman would hook up with his rookie wide out Mike Williams for the Buccaneers first touchdown of the day and would head into the locker room down 14-10. Ran fell on Raymond James Stadium as the second half began. Rough waters slowed both offenses throughout the 3rd. As the clouds parted it was the Pewter Pirates firing their cannons through the Browns defense.

Buccaneers - Spurlock 34 YD TD

3rd and 10 for the Buccaneers at the Browns 34 yard line. Lets see if Freeman can make up for missing a sure fire touchdown to a wide open Mike Williams. Were not going to get many more chances as there is just over 6 minutes to play in the game. Freeman in the shotgun takes the snap. He's back to pass and looking deep down the right side. Going for the end zone and its caught by Michael Spurlock my favorite player. Touchdown Tampa Bay. Buccaneers take their first lead of the day. Oh, sweet baby Jesus, ya gotta love this 3 and 13 schedule! For those of you still listening because of the blackout, you are missing a helluva bottom-feeder ballgame, but at least you don't look like you dived in a lake with your clothes on. Man, it's toasty. You could broil a roast in my tighty-whities.

When the Smoke cleared it was the Buccaneers 17, Browns 14. A lead Tampa Bay wouldn't relinquish. The Buccaneer Defense shut down the Cleveland offense sealing the Victory for the young squad. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 and 0.  Fire the Cannons.

If you want to watch the game your self here is the link. Buccaneers v Browns. Don't forget The Grind Podcast for more in depth coverage of the Buccaneers home opener.

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