It happened this week-ish: Aerosmith is minus a Steven, Twilight star goes naked for PETA, Eva Mendes oils up for Calvin Klein and more

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*Headline of the Week: Josh Duhamel Likes Meat on Fergie's Bones. I know there is a joke here, I just...can't...hmmm, what to say? do I make this funny?...I got nothing.

*Mariah Carey (pictured left) went to the beach to shoot a video this week, and well, she's looked better, like a lot better.

*In a little gem from Us Weekly we learn that Jeremy Piven claims "I Grew "Breasts" From Drinking Too Much Soy Milk". First of all, Jeremy, they are called man-boobs or moobs if you like to shorten words to make them cooler. Don't blame soy milk, blame beer and the fact that you are kind of a douche and God is probably punishing you.

*The newest Calvin Klein billboard to take over an entire city block in NYC is pretty much soft core porn. I am certain that the masterminds at Calvin Klein did NOT decide to make it huge and plaster it onto the side of a building just to get attention from the entire country and spur controversy about whether or not it is morally right to subject the fine citizens and children of NYC to viewing naked, oily, beautiful people rubbing up on each other in their underwear. I am sure they just thought it was the best shot of their product.


*Steven Tyler has apparently quit Aerosmith to focus on his solo career. The thing is, he's like 900 years old and at this point, having a solo career kinda sorta isn't an option. You don't see Bob Barker starting his own game show, sans the Price is Right ladies, called the "Bob Barker Project" where they play Blinko, do you? No, you don't (...but now that I think about it...hmmmmm).

*Christian Serratos, one of the cast members of Twilight and New Moon (in theatres November 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG! LOL! SQUEAL!), is the youngest and newest actress to get on the PETA bandwagon. I am beginning to feel like these naked PETA ads are just an outlet for actresses who want to be slutty but are past the point of doing Playboy. Also, does PETA know that they kill  A LOT of animals in Twilight? Seriously, the Cullens are sucking up Bambi blood like it's nobody's business.

*Nicolas Cage outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a $276,000 dinosaur skull...of course he did. Because if I was tooooootally broke, that is the first thing I would buy. In all fairness, it probably has a treasure map engraved on the inside.

After the jump, Jeremy Piven is growing his own boobs, just in case girls stop letting him touch theirs, Eva Mendes covered in lace and wrapped up in some guy... and some more stuff.

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