It Happened this Week-ish: Chace Crawford's hott mugshot, January Jones' walk of shame, Kevin Costner's oil spill fixing machine, Heidi & Spencer split for real? and more...

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  • According to her director, "Lindsay Lohan Is Going to 'Blow People's Minds' as Linda Lovelace." I bet that isn't the only thing she is going to blow. Hehehe.

  • Kevin Costner informed the world that the film we all thought was totally useless, Waterworld, inspired him to create some sort of machine that could fix the gulf, post-oil fiasco. (Note: If you ever wondered what Kevin Costner, Stephen Baldwin, James Cameron and Winnie the Pooh's Tigger have in common, click here.) Now all he needs is some money from BP. If you can't demand millions for your acting skills anymore, I guess the next best thing is demanding millions for your personal oil-sifting device... I think Kevin Costner just became the smartest man in Hollywood.

  • After missing a week of celeb gossip, how could I resist all this juicy, fake divorce madness from the couple who cried wolf, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. According to people I don't trust at all, Heidi is supposed to be living with this Jen Bunney chick this summer, and it appears that they will be living with Spencer's friend, Cougar Zank. Yep... Cougar Zank and Jen Bunney. They will later be joined by Tiger Woods, Daffy Duck and Mighty Mouse.

  • Bruce Willis prepares for his viral campaign to make Armageddon 2 a reality, through his endorsement of Polish Vodka. Timely.

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Hey kids, I apologize for my absence last week-ish. I know you probably clicked on every four minutes for the past seven days, eagerly awaiting my latest ramblings and yet, there were no hilarious ramblings to be found. I hope I haven't let you down; I want to assure you that celebrities are still around and I am back, bringing you all the most important news. Get comfy, we have a few topics to cover.

  • Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl was arrested for marijuana possession. Takes the sexiest mugshots anyone has ever taken in the history of mugshots. Like ever... for  real, ever. Like, I want to marry a criminal kind of sexy.

  • The late Brittany Murphy's late husband, Simon Monjack, has two secret kids and maybe a Swiss bank account. Excuse me while I try to appear shocked by the news that a guy who looks that creepy could possibly have a dark secret like that.

  • In this week-ish's edition of "Celebrities,They're Just Like Us!" I bring you January Jones doing the classic walk of shame the morning after the GQ Magazine Oceana World Oceans Day party. I thought that if I got to a point where I had a critically acclaimed cable drama, I could have "my people" deliver me clean clothes in that situation. I have just realized that is not the case. Fame is not all it's cracked up to be.

After the jump, Lilo blows, Zach Morris is single again, who's having the worst month ever? and more...

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