It Happened This Week-ish: Sexy parts at Comic-Con, Britney Spears & her hair extensions, Katy Perry's new album cover is naked and smelly and more...

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  • I might have a slight obsession with Comic-con photos, particularly when they involve Ryan Reynolds. Ryan drew me in, but it was a gravity-defying and possibly nipple-less stunt that stole the show. Blake Lively knew she didn't really have much cred with the world outside the CW, so she showed up at the Green Lantern press conference and leaned forward. Instant respect and an honorary nerd-badge were granted to Ms. Lively and her dynamic duo.

  • After the longest and most heart-wrenching month of my life, Amanda Bynes has decided to reverse-retire and is back in the biz. This just goes to prove that God does answer prayers and sometimes accountants overshoot the net worth of former child-stars.

  • Wyclef Jean is going into politics. He already has his campaign slogan, "I can't sing forever... but I can legislate." (I may have added that last part in myself, creative liberties and such.)


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  • Did you hear Lindsay Lohan went to jail? Great, because that is all I am going to say about it, we all know the deal, everything that could be said has been, 300 times on 4bajillion blogs.
  • Article about the Avengers at Comic-Con, blah blah. I think something is wrong in this photo (the one on the right). Hint: it's blue and glowing and could be used to impregnate a lucky lady with a little tiny Doctor Manhattan.
  • I need to have a real, honest discussion about something detrimental to the progress of extensions.  Why are we still using them? I am talking to you Britney Spears. Seriously, her hair is not that much longer than mine and I bleach mine every eight weeks and it is healthy and not in need of a weave, despite the fact that I use crappy product and buy my shampoo at TJ Maxx (true story, they sell Bed Head for like half price, go to there). How is it that Brit-Brit, who must have a decent budget for hair care, is still rocking extensions? And terrible extensions at that. Check it out, she looks like a cancer patient.
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