Tom Brady is comin’ to Tampa, multiple reports say

But could this be the year?

click to enlarge Tom Brady is comin’ to Tampa, multiple reports say
Photo via Tom Brady/Instagram

Wow. What a week.

First the coronavirus outbreak shuts everything down, now this? And not only this, but the first reports of this were covered by Colin Cowherd? The simulation is hardcore glitching. 

Tom Brady is signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, barring any unforeseen changes, according to the unofficial PSA made by the unofficial spokesperson for every front office in the NFL, Adam Schefter. Plus ESPN Tweeted a photo of Brady with a Bucs jersey on, so that’s gotta be official, right? 

There haven’t been any reports of the details of the contract, and once it’s officially announced we can know the parameters of the Bucs’ cap situation. 

So what does this all mean? Well, now the Bucs can move on. Decide what to do with Ndamukong Suh, focus on what offensive lineman to draft/sign in free agency, and most of all, start celebrating. Well, celebrate at home. Gotta keep this social distancing thing going. 

But could this be the year? Tampa hosts the Super Bowl this year, and adding Brady increases the Bucs’ odds of making it to the Big Game dramatically. 

Just think, last season I was writing about Jameis’ 30-for-30 year and how Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are wasting their careers away with a quarterback who can’t even see. Now the GOAT is going to be flashing his six rings while going to clubs in Ybor. 

OK, OK, now to the logistics. With the remaining money in cap space (however much it may be), the Bucs need to focus on depth. They have some decent depth in the secondary, but Vita Vea is still their only interior lineman on the roster. That needs to change. Through the draft, through free agency, something. But it needs to change. Suh can help, but they still need more than just 2 guys. They could use... Gerald McCoy. 

I know, a reunion seems crazy, and maybe McCoy is too expensive, but the guy didn’t have a great year with Carolina, and he’s 32. Not too many teams will be calling a 32-year old defensive lineman for a big contract. My guess is, the Bucs could get him for $3 million, which means he would have to be willing to take a bit of a pay cut. For an opportunity to play on a winning team and finish what he started in Tampa, he just might. Or maybe the Bucs look elsewhere, and McCoy signs with the Patriots. Who knows, the possibilities are plentiful. 

So rev up those Madden Franchises with Brady as the Bucs’ starting QB, because it’s happening. And it’s going to be something to watch.

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