Kate Plus Eight doomed for failure: How will the kids pay for therapy now?

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It wasn’t really until the recent announcement that Jon would be leaving the show and the new revamped show, Kate plus Eight, will be premiering November 2. I am so excited for this new chapter in Kate’s life, living and struggling as a single mother (with shit-tons of help)….NOT.

I love Jon and his 30ish-year-old mid-life crisis, riding ATVs, giant diamond earrings, and an unhealthy obsession with Ed Hardy. Jon is the most badass father of eight kids I have ever seen -- I mean I don't see the Duggar dad getting a motorcycle from the American Chopper guys. He brings the bad boy character to Jon and Kate plus Eight. Every family needs a rebel: Aaden just hasn’t become a little badass yet, considering he is still wearing matching outfits with the rest of his brothers. Without him, what’s the purpose of the show? A single mom with eight kids -- isn’t that just kind of tragic? Who really would have thought Kate would have turned out to be the better parent in this situation?

But my burning question is: What caused the producers to release him from the show? I mean, he is a title character in this reality show, and he is a part of the family -- how bad is he really? Are the kids allowed to talk about daddy, are they getting a new stand-in for him, or is it as if he has been thrown off the island where all the rest of the reality show castaways are? Well I, for one, will miss Jon and all his outrageous antics, but I’m sure I will still get my Jon fix in every tabloid magazine, because for someone with eight kids and so many girlfriends, he sure does have a lot of time for interviews.

Peace out Jon, I hope you get a new job offer with a new reality TV family!

Jon and Kate Plus Eight has been a guilty pleasure of mine since the beginning, the adorable eight kids (well, at least seven are adorable, Mady’s kind of a little bitch), the loving marriage of Jon and Kate, and my sadistic curiosity about when everything would fall apart. Well, ladies and gentleman, that time has come — although many thought that time had come when they announced their divorce and Jon was sleeping with as many 20-somethings he could get his hands on

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