Katherine McPhee is Coming Back to Television!

Yes, thank the lord, this new series is basically one big giant Broadway musical. Smash will follow Katherine's character and the rest of the cast as they try to make it on Broadway. So it's Glee for grown ups? Totally, in the best way possible, they will even be releasing the music, much like Glee, on Columbia Records.* The only issue I see here is that they really should have come up with a better name, Glee fans get to be "Gleeks" so what will Smash fans be called? Smashers? That sounds terrible, they should have named it, well, I don't know, something I could use to make a clever pun.

Punny fan-names aside, watch out for Katherine McPhee in Smash mid-season and probably some recaps from yours truly in CLTampa.com. Oh, and there are some other people in it, like this Debra Messing lady and someone names Angelica Huston or whatever... NBD.

*Does iTunes do "season passes" for music? Cuz I may as well just hand over my credit card info now.


Big news reality show nerds who also love musicals, one of my favorite "Idol"s is back on TV!!! The adorable, Katherine McPhee, who totally should have won the fifth season of American Idol, will be starring in the new NBC series, Smash. So here was my big question, will she be singing?

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