Let's get physical: how I learned to nix old habits (like Five Guys burgers)

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that no one lives a healthier lifestyle than my parents. So I figured, a few months of detox in Naples, FL should suffice.  (Please note: The inability to find a suitable job post-graduation had nothing to do with my decision to move back home.)

The second leftover habit I nixed was my craving for obscenely unhealthy foods.

“What your body is really craving is vegetables,” my mother said, one afternoon when she found me rummaging through their kitchen cabinets trying to find candy, chocolate, or anything with sugar. And with that, she offered carrots and celery. That was one of the worst afternoons of my life.

This was a hard habit to kick and I’ll admit was a long, gradual process. The ugly truth is the more I exercised, the more I craved healthy foods. I’ll never forget the day when I went nuts for a granola bar—it was such a breakthrough for me.

And finally, the third and final habit I tackled was my financial situation. Since my goal was to get back in shape, I researched fitness programs in my area. The best deal I found was The Adventure Boot Camp. It was not only affordable, but motivating and simple. And by simple, I mean the exercises did not involve heavy machinery. Instead, all that was involved was one hour of my time, four days a week, at a community park with a couple of five-pound weights and a mat.

I realize I am in no position to give advice. I am not perfect nor do I think I lead a perfectly well-balanced lifestyle. (In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this, I plan to enjoy some chicken wings at Lee Roy Selmon’s.) But I do hope that my story could inspire someone to change something about his or her lifestyle—even if it is just one aspect.  For me, I greatly reduced my alcohol consumption which then triggered my exercise habits which then forced a healthier diet.  And by healthier diet, I mean having a Five Guys burger only every other week rather than three times a week.  I will never be able to give up Five Guys.

Contrary to popular belief, college is nothing but a four-year vacation. Where else can thousands of people in a four-year age bracket eat, sleep, drink, and socialize to excess? And please note that when I use the term “socialize,” this includes studying — because we all know the truth about those Monday evening study groups. They always manifest into full-blown gossip sessions.

With that said, after my four-year vacation, I decided to rearrange my entire lifestyle. I found myself 10 plus pounds over my ideal weight, dangerously broke, and eating in a life-threatening diet—Papa John’s pizza, loaded cheese fries, and way too much macaroni and cheese.

So, I took charge. The first leftover habit I shed was my ability to drink nearly six days a week. This doesn’t mean I dropped alcohol from my diet completely—heck no, that’s insane—instead I simply limited my consumption. The best way to do this was to move back in with my parents. Drastic, yes, and I may be stretching the truth just a bit here but I knew one thing:

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