Matt Arroyo, Monstah Lobstah appear on the movie set of Caged Dreams

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Guzzo brothers' mixed martial arts (MMA) movie Caged Dreams really makes MMA fans appreciate all the hard work that goes into each fight scene. It also proves that team work is necessary to accomplish any great task.

Local MMA talent on set included former UFC fighter and owner of Gracie Tampa South, Matt 'No Regard' Arroyo, former TUF contestant, Allen 'Monstah Lobstah' Berube, pro fighters, Mike Greeson and Frank Santore, and last but not least XFC ring announcer, Christopher James.

The lead role of Randy was played by Daniel DiPiazza, who did a great job spitting fake blood and following the film crew instructions under the choreography of American Top Team while each fight scene was shot several times from various angles.

Even though the bouts were not real, the actors/fighters put great skill and effort into making each move look exciting and authentic. The audience was as enthusiastic as at a real MMA event, although some of the extras had never watched a fight before.

Arroyo and Berube were cast as corner men of opposite teams screaming instructions to the fighters on cue.

The movie is scheduled to be released in February 2010.

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