Movie Matt-ers: The next YA blockbuster?

Plus: What are D-Box and Sony 4K?

The Last Hunter starts off as one boy’s journey to find his inner warrior and survive, but from the summaries I’ve read in the later books, it becomes a world-changing story that has “Intense, action-packed blockbuster” written all over it.

Remember: You have the power not to see the movies or support them by giving them your ticket money. If you get enough people to join your cause, then perhaps boy wizards, sparkly vamps and starving hunters, will no longer darken your movie going experience.


Question: What is Sony 4K and D-Box? I saw them advertised at my local theater last night, but wasn’t sure exactly what they were. —Christine Orlando, FL

Answer: The technology of the cinema continues to move at the speed of light, and 4K and D-Box are but two examples.

Sony 4K is a high-end digital projection technology that utilizes over four thousand horizontal pixels, compared to only two thousand pixels for the average digital projector. There are two big advantages to Sony 4K: You can sit very close to the screen without the pixels blurring, and 3D viewing is enhanced thanks to the image being presented to both eyes at the same time, for a more natural 3D experience. (Standard digital 3D projectors present it to each eye separately.)

The best way for me to describe D-Box is to call it a movie and a ride rolled into one. Special movie seats are linked to a computer that generates motion effects programmed to match the onscreen action. More than nine hundred movie titles have the D-Box code embedded in them, for both theater and home viewing. Home viewing requires the purchase of a special theater style chair to experience the motion from the comfort of your living room.

Both new technologies will cost you a bit extra on your ticket price, but I for one can’t wait to see The Avengers in Sony 4K, Real 3D and D-Box. I have a feeling I’m going to be so immersed that I’ll be up fighting right there alongside of Captain America and Iron Man. Now, if they could add the heat of the lasers whizzing past my head, the feel of the rain drops on my skin, and a kiss from Scar-Jo on my lips, then I’d be willing to shell out some big bucks.

Get to it Sony — technology waits for no one!

Matthew Kaiser is a highly opinionated movie geek who lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife and two pets. The Movie Matt-ers column appear every Monday on Daily Loaf. If you have a question for Movie Matt-ers, e-mail Matt at [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also follow him on Facebook at or on twitter at @mwkaiserlive.

Question: Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight — how many more teenage fantasy fests are we going to have to endure? What is the next pop culture novel adaptation on the horizon? —Steve Kentland, IN

Answer: Whether you like it or not, this craze is never going to stop. Teens of every generation grasp hold of a particular novel or series and become completely infatuated by it. I enjoyed Harry Potter, I loathe Twilight, and I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet. The only book series of these that I did read was Harry Potter, and that, as you would expect, was much better than the movies.

After some research into current teen novel sensations, the frontrunner to be the next big screen adaptation looks like The Last Hunter - The Antarktos Saga. The story revolves around Solomon Ull Vincent, who is considered to be the titular “Last Hunter.” The first person born on the continent of Antarctica, he returns to his birth place 13 years later, only to be subjected to kidnapping and torture in a strange, subterranean world of ancient warriors, mystic creatures and supernatural powers. It sure doesn’t sound like a teen novel, but Hunger Games also contains many adult concepts that make it marketable to an older audience.

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