Oracle of Ybor: Hop on that chariot, then carefully, bust down the barricades to transition to your dream job

And what to do with that erotic comic art you've been making.

Oracle of Ybor: Hop on that chariot, then carefully, bust down the barricades to transition to your dream job

I have one job that keeps me financially safe and provides healthcare, but every morning I feel a pit of despair in my stomach on the way to work. My other job gives me joy and freedom, and would allow me to return to school and dive deeper into my passions, but puts my health and financial security at risk. I want to start working at the second job regularly, but I don't feel ready to take the leap. How can I prepare myself for this transition? —Not ready for change

Cards: King of Swords, Page of swords, high priestess, chariot. 

I should start this off with a warning: I cannot in good conscience tell you to chuck your insurance in the middle of a pandemic without some deep preparations first. I know a bad job can be soul-sucking, but I can’t say “quit tomorrow!” though I’d love to. 

For job one, I pulled King of Swords. Is your boss a shitty, hypercritical dude? Is your job serving an oversized ego? Are you being treated like you’re bad at it? This is not a card that suggests you’re being supported and allowed to grow. 

First things first: You’re not going to impress your boss at job one, so stop trying. Start pulling your energy back because you’re going to need it to make your escape plan. 

So what to do now? We have The High Priestess, AKA intuition. You’ll know when it’s time to boogie. Apprehension might mean “not quite yet.” 

To move on, you have The Chariot. This card is essentially an armored car; you’ll have to smash through some concrete barricades, so you’ll have to prepare.

Right now is such a difficult time financially for everyone, so I won’t say, “save up three months of expenses!” because that’s disingenuous and useless. But you should talk with job two about insurance. While they might not cover it, would they be able to split it? Do they offer any compensation for it? Open enrollment for ACA starts soon (maybe?), so look through the marketplace and figure out if you can get enough savings to cover a few months of insurance (Try REALLY HARD not to get COBRA insurance because it’s so, so, so expensive). 

It would help if you also were talking with job two about its plans moving forward. Are they able to take on people full time? Are they an industry that’s been affected by the pandemic? If there’s another wave, what would that look like for them? Is there a chance you’d be laid off? If it seems you can expect to work for them full-time with little possibility of layoffs, start making your moves. 

With the same energy that keeps me from telling you to quit tomorrow, I also need to say that surviving this pandemic is a long con. As someone who lived through Katrina, I can tell you that not all of the victims died from the physical storm itself. Plenty of people died from the mental stress that followed. If we all want to make it on the other side of this pandemic, we've got to keep an eye on mind, body, and soul.

While you have insurance, it might be beneficial to start seeing a therapist discuss this transition and these changes. The rest of 2020 and 2021 are complete mysteries to what can happen (How much worse can things get? How much better?), so having any sort of anchor in terms of a therapist might help you make this jump. Good luck, my dear! 

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Hi! I draw erotic art comics, and I’m starting to build my own brand. I’m wondering if this month is a good time to start business ventures, specifically if I should just launch what I have finished or wait a couple of months to develop a more rooted business plan? —Mrs. Fantasy 

Cards: Justice, Eight of cups, The Magician. (Also: Knight of Cups, 10 of wands, Three of wands, all reversed.) 

I have good and slightly bummer news. The good news is, I think you should launch this month. We have two major arcana cards for this spread—Justice and The Magician. With Justice leading the spread, you want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row legally speaking. Got all your LLC paperwork in order? Got copyrights on your images? Do you have a boilerplate contract you can use for freelancing or licensing? If you can, I’d recommend speaking with an intellectual property lawyer (particularly one that specialized in art/digital media if you're looking to build the brand online.) They’ll be able to tell you if there’s anything you're missing and make recommendations to go forward.

The Eight of Cups is a lady in red fleeing all she knows. This isn’t something you’ve done before—it can be scary! But you should feel confident to dive in because we end the spread with The Magician. The Magician is the master of all the elements—swords, cups, coins, and wands. It’s a deeply powerful card, and it means you can absolutely make this happen. You have what you need. Go ahead and launch (pending the OK from the lawyer!)

That’s the good news. The bit-of-a-bummer news is this: it's not gonna be easy, and it's not gonna be quick. Moving forward, we got both 10 of Wands (awful burden) and Three of wands (patience waiting for growth.) It might suck for the first six months—you ain’t moving to Davis Island just yet—and it can feel like all effort/little reward. But keep going. You got this. You’re the Magician. You also might be the Knight of cups—the champion of love and eroticism. It’s going to be hard—I’m not going to sugar coat that—but you got this.

This seems like your calling. So go forth! Draw your divinely dirty art! Hawk it to the world! Best of luck! 

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