Oracle of Ybor: The cards show us how to not only survive, but thrive and relish in whatever comes after the election

Pentacles up, people.

Oracle of Ybor: The cards show us how to not only survive, but thrive and relish in whatever comes after the election

Dear Oracle, The pandemic, politics and my withering finances have left me feeling forlorn. How can I restore my hope for the future? —The Bitter Tears of Petra von Can't

Cards: Three of Wands, Eight of Wands, Four of Pentacles. 

Dear Bitter, this advice will reach you the day after the 2020 election. I don't know if you will wake up hopeful about America or if you will wake up and feel like we are going into the tunnel at the end of the light. 

First, I think you should see a therapist. That's Four of Pentacles. If sliding scale isn't feasible, see if there are virtual group sessions you can attend, or even a DBT workbook might be helpful. 

The late writer Harry Crews, Gainesville proud and girt-lit hard, has a quote that sums up this spread. In an interview, he mentions throwing away half of a novel because he took a wrong turn. About that courage to burn, he said:

"The amateur, or the coward,… will try to make it work because he doesn't want to do all of that over again another way. But the real artist, with no tear in his eye and no sadness in his heart, puts the pages in the fire. And does it again." 

Sometimes, we aren't given a choice; sometimes, we're forced to put the pages of our life to the flame. I know that isn't much; it doesn't feel tangible. But, sometimes, things that die can come back again another way. Eight of Wands is chopping down our trees. Three of Wands is (re)planting the seeds and having patience and faith as you wait for them to grow. 

Harry Crews also has another quote that has helped me: "Survival is Triumph Enough"

Bitter, I wish that your life goes beyond surviving, that you’re able to thrive and relish in a rich, beautiful life. But in these dark times, may those words be a gnostic torch to guide you. You’ve survived. You’ve triumphed. You begin again. 

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I tend to feel guilty for things that have nothing to do with me. I think it stems from wanting to help by taking on the pain, so others don't have to. What should I focus on in order to use my energy in a more constructive and healthy way in this regard? —Guilty Gus

Cards: 10 of Swords rev. The Star, Temperance.

Dear Guilty, your goal is noble, but it's not working out. 10 of Swords shows that. You’ve got to stop taking on people's pain and keeping it. It's killing you. And that's because it's only one part of the combo. It's Salem’s fries, but not the Gyro, and you, my friend, are a full-on no. 4. 

We have both The Star and Temperance—two major arcana—here, and those are powerful spiritual cards. The Star is an agent of growth; it's a torchbearer and a bringer of hope and justice. Temperance is a card of encompassed opposites. It's transmutation. 

What this means in your case is that you are meant to suck out that poison from others, but spit it out, transformed. You aren't meant to be a participant in that pain—that where the guilt is.

So how do you do that? Start with yourself. These two cards suggest that you have a spiritual side. Whatever that practice is, really dig into it: meditate, pray, heal your soul first. Look for ways to bring hope and consciousness into yourself so that you can pass it on to others. Also, learn how to set up some firm psychic boundaries. (I know that sounds Woo, but you're the one that wrote to a fortune-teller.) Also, emotional boundaries. You ain't everyone's therapist.

Best of luck!

I just embarked on a journey of intimacy with my chosen family/nesting unit. Three adults in a VERY small two-bedroom/one-bath with the goal of buying a house together in a year. Does Deviant moon have anything to share? —St. Pete Practitioner

Cards: Queen of Wands rev, Four of Pentacles, Five of Wands rev. Two of Swords, King of Wands. 

First, I want to say, mazel on moving in with your nesting unit and starting your journey! That's amazing that you have multiple people in your life you can walk this path with. Second—and I mean no disrespect here—I think y'all should start some pre-emptive counseling immediately. I would highly encourage you to look for a therapist specializing in either "non-traditional family arrangements" or who’s queer/poly affirming. Even if no one in your nest identifies as “polyamorous” or “queer”, that type of therapist will be skilled in dealing with the nuances of a complex, emotional arrangement. Why go to therapy? Because I think there's a lot of  "mom" energy going on and resentment bubbling under the surface.

As I was shuffling, Queen of Wands fell out—the protective mama bear, sure, but also the controlling mother. The cards I drew for the house were Four of Pentacles ("get thee to therapy"), and Five of Wands reversed (conflict and resentment under the surface.) Air this shit out. Even if you aren't fighting now, learn with a therapist how to handle potential fights. You're starting a new journey of intimacy—therapy can help tighten the screws, so the wheels don't come flying off. 

Going forward, we have Two of Swords and King of Wands. You're going to have to walk a tightrope of balance to keep the peace, to keep the "protective dad" energy rolling with the "protective mom." Also, make sure everyone is on the same page ideal-wise with a lot of talking. Swords are the suit of the mind. As you go forward on this journey, open communication is going to be clutch, especially if a king and queen card means you're thinking about having kids together. 

Also, not tarot related, but get a two-bath. One is "fine" and you'll make it work, but for the sake of harmony, aim for two. Good luck!

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