Peep Show: Woman-on-man anal sex

When your boyfriend wants you to have anal sex with him.

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click to enlarge Woman on man anal sex - April L. Sanders via Flickr/CC 2.0
April L. Sanders via Flickr/CC 2.0
Woman on man anal sex

Dear Roxxie,

My BF and I have had sex — anal and regular for a while now, but last night he asked me if I would anally penetrate him. I don't know what to say. This isn't going to do anything for me, but also, isn't it kinda weird? I mean, that's a thing guys do to girls. And, like, men do to each other. I guess I'm a little worried this means my BF might be gay. What do you think?

—Anally confused 

Dear Anally,

OK, so here's a quick and easy way to tell if a man is gay: He gets turned on by and feels more emotionally connected to other men than women. Unless that's your BF — or if you have some other reason for wondering if he might be gay, like he told you — he probably just wants to feel good. Anal sex was long considered (and in some circles, still is) taboo; lots of people are turned on by anything taboo. Your man wanting you to stick a dildo up his ass does not mean he's gay. Also, while we're at it — and I'm certain this is me being anal, if you'll pardon the pun — any sex that takes place between two consenting adult humans is "regular" sex. 

And, yes, Virginia, it will do something for your BF —  anal penetration can hit the prostate (and usually does), so it's like you're going to town (gently!) on the most sensitive, pleasure-possible part of him. And because I'm certain you didn't mean to sound like a selfish bitch with your "This isn't going to do anything for me" comment, Imma let it slide. 'Sides, you may find yourself enjoying how turned on he gets. 



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