Previously on Lost: "Sundown"

Above all, "Sundown" reminded avid Lost viewers that the show works on an episodic level. In addition to being a long-ranging narrative that tempts reviewers like Doc Jensen to pick out every possible hidden literary allusion and scientific theory, Lost is also very capable of providing an hour of pure entertainment. "Sundown" touched on some over-arching theories, but the episode was also just really engrossing: Keamy’s egg-cooking reappearance on the show, Sayid vs. Dogen in a badass fight to the death, and some truly haunting moments amid the final scenes of Smokey’s tirade.

The Sayid-centric episode began with his story in the sideways world. Nadia is not his wife here, but instead is married to his brother. For the first time, the sideways storyline paralleled the events on the island. In both cases, we see Sayid struggle to maintain his identity as a “good man” before eventually slipping to the Dark Side. This is done well enough by Naveen Andrews, who evokes defeat and despair, yet also seem sinister.

On the island, Smokey — or Fake Locke, Flocke, the Man in Black or Loophole — is descending on The Templ with the help of crazy mommy Claire. Sayid chats with Miles, who discredits the idea that the pool brought Sayid back to life. Naturally, Sayid wants some answers. He approaches Dogen about it, and it’s here that we are given a pretty good chunk of information.

  • Dogen is not an ageless-like-Richard Black Rock-era island dweller — he’s just like the rest of them, plagued by a serious injury to his son and brought to the island by Jacob to somehow reconcile this. Did his story remind anyone else of another island Other? Juliet had similar tragedy in her life — her sister's cancer — when she was brought to the island. She was then told her sister would be healed but she couldn't leave to see her.

  • We learn that Smokey is apparently “evil incarnate” (which for some reason I still don’t believe).

  • Sayid and Dogen beat the crap out of each other, and Dogen stops short of killing Sayid when he sees a baseball ball fall to the floor, presumably his dead son’s. Maybe Dogen wants to prove he’s a good man too? Or is he unable to directly harm candidates?

  • Dogen sends Sayid into the jungle with a special knife to stab Smokey in the chest.


More sideways stuff — including an awesome scene featuring season 4 Widmore pal and Army guy Martin Keamy — and Sayid stabs Smokey in the jungle. It has no effect, and Smokey offers Sayid his knife back. The most surprising part of that scene for me was the fact that Sayid so confidently stabbed what looked like his formerly dead Oceanic buddy John Locke. Smokey offers Sayid the chance to have everything he’s ever wanted, and apparently wins him over. Which made me think: Could the sideways world somehow be connected to Smokey/Jacob’s actions involving these castaways? So far in sideways world, many of the castaways seemingly have everything they want, albeit in different ways. Could Smokey or Jacob have given it to them? It would make more sense than confusing, time travel universes. And it would bring full circle the ideas that the choices the castaways make regarding faith, free will, good and evil are indeed important.

At sundown, the temple is ravaged by Smokey, who tells the inhabitants to follow him or die. He wasn’t kidding. By the end of the episode, he’s collected at least a dozen people willing to accompany him, plus a really creepy looking Claire and Sayid.


And Kate, whose what-the-hell-is-going-on look was spot on. It’s interesting, though, that she seems to make the choice to go with him. She could have run, as she is so prone to do, but she didn’t. And why is she still alive, anyway? The conversation between her and Claire about her snatching Aaron off the island proved what Claire had feared last week and vowed to kill for. Hopefully this will play out, as Kate is not only her usual annoying self this season, but there doesn't seem to be any purpose to her gun-toting actions on the island.

Meanwhile, everyone else in The Temple is dead. Except sudden arrivals Iliana, Sun, Lapidus and Ben. Iliana conveniently stows them, along with Miles, away in a secret compartment in the temple wall moments before the raging Smokey passed b. Ben, however, went to go look for Sayid, who by this point was full-out evil. Ben’s smart enough to know when to run away, but his location is unknown at the end of the episode. A  perfect setup for next week’s episode, entitled “Dr. Linus.” My hope for next week is that we’ll learn where Smokey is leading all those people, we’ll learn what Ben is up to, and we’ll get closer to the all-important Jack/Fake Locke meet and greet. And that about wraps it up. Props, as always, to Terry O’Quinn for another solid, engaging, scene-stealing performance.

Mythology/Allusions/Fun Facts: The episode's title, "Sundown" has a couple of different meanings. Smokey's deadline for getting everyone who wants to live out of the temple is the literal one, but the image of a sun descending into darkness also represents the episode's main character: Sayid. He's been hovering over the horizon for much of the series, struggling with his past as a torturer and his inherent ability to be a killer. It seems at episode's end that he has fully submerged, giving way to a dark sky.

Favorite line: "For every man there is a scale. On one side of the scale there is good, on the other side, evil.” -Dogen

Questions: (Comment with your thoughts!)

-What brought Sayid back to life? Was it Smokey? If so, why didn’t he seem “evil” immediately?

-Where is Jin if he wasn’t with Claire? And Sawyer?

-Are Dogen/Lennon gone for good?

-What about the circle of ash? How did Smokey enter the temple?

-How was Dogen the “only thing keeping him out”?

[Editor's Note: Former CL Intern (and current Lost nut) Michelle Stark will be joining the CL Lost team, adding written reviews for the rest of the episodes in Season 6. Enjoy tonight's episode, "Dr. Linus," and check back late Wednesday or Thursday for more from Michelle and for our Lost Podcast.]

Hello, fellow Lost fans. I’ll be writing weekly on our favorite time-traveling, reality-shifting series, giving recaps and thoughts on the most recent episode. (And for those of you who have stumbled upon this without knowledge of the show, I invite you keep reading — but at your own risk.) So here we go, with last week’s episode: "Sundown."

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