Previously on Lost: "What They Died For"

As many people expected, Jack was crowned the new replacement for Jacob as protector of the Island. He stepped up immediately after Jacob offered the position to all four of the remaining Losties, and Jacob took him to a secret spot and made him drink magic water while the other three looked on. The entire thing felt way too easy, and very ominous. The fact that it even happened in this episode seemed odd; I thought they'd save one of the biggest plot points for the finale extravaganza on Sunday. If this isn't the biggest plot point, what is? Trying to kill Smokey? Throwing someone into that light? Desmond as the fail safe? In any case, Jack's fate as the protector feels uneasy, and I don't like it.


Meanwhile, Ben has gone over to the Dark Side again. Right? Probably not, because this is Lost. But it was fun to watch him shoot Widmore and deliver creepy lines as Smokey's sidekick. What about Richard?! If he's dead … well, let's not go there. I don't think he's dead. Widmore's death was also quite disappointing. He had no idea what was going on, really, and just blindly followed the orders of Jacob? Why do people keep doing this? But as I did with Ilana, I shouted with glee when Zoe met her demise. I think Smokey summed it up when he said she was useless. It's not that I hate all women on the show, really, I just can't stand poorly played tough-chick characters. I'll give Ilana this; at least she was better than Zoe. And I'll go one step further by saying that crappy female characters like them have made me appreciate Evangeline Lilly.

[image-2]Meanwhile, Miles disappears into the jungle with a walkie-talkie that Ben bullied out of Widmore. Could he be the one who let Desmond out of the well? The Sideways world was also jam-packed with action, moving around the pieces to set up … something. We still have no idea what. Desmond as master manipulator calls Jack and tells him his father's body has been found, beats up nice-guy teacher Ben Linus, gets himself jailed then escapes with Kate and Sayid — all seemingly still in his effort to make the Losties see their Island lives. We hear three different people mention a concert (Jack's son, Miles, and Desmond), and can assume most of our characters are going to meet up there next week. Is this the same concert held by the Widmore's that rocker Charlie is playing at?

And undoubtedly my favorite part of the episode: The scene between Sideways, wheelchair-bound Locke and Dr. Jack. I thought it was the most riveting scene of the entire episode, and evoked a strong Season 1/Season 2 classic Lost feel. Sideways Locke is on his way to becoming a full-on believer and, once again, he is turning to Jack. I feel that Terry O'Quinn's acting has never been better than in this exchange. I was literally distracted from the dialogue at times because I couldn't stop thinking about how incredible he was. He is playing TWO people at the same time! And his performance nailed echoing the early, on-Island John Locke. He had a spark, that contagious hope that makes us want to believe he is right. This is fate. He is special. I foresee John Locke's presence in the finale as being one of the most important parts of how this show wraps up. Jack certainly wouldn't have made the journey to Island protector without him.

See you back here shortly, after the 5 1/2-hour Lost event on Sunday. Geez, what's ABC going to do once the show ends? If it's anything like what I'm going to do, I'd have to guess ... weep uncontrollably?

Favorite line: "Mr. Locke, I wanna fix you, but I think you're mistaking coincidence, for fate." -Sideways Jack

[Editor's Note: For more on Lost, check out the CL Lost Podcast.]

Shortly after 9 p.m. on Tuesday night, a wave of all-consuming panic washed over me. How can they possibly pack in enough answers in "What They Died For" to prepare me for the finale? Why are they wasting time on Jack's kinda-creepy son instead of explaining the Island's light source? And can this really all be over on Sunday?

But the hour that followed did not disappoint, proving to be both highly entertaining and revealing. It definitely addressed some mysteries that left a large majority of fans (myself, not so much) upset with last week's Jacob/MIB tale. Some answers we got:

  • Why Jacob chose the Losties as candidates.

  • Who put the bomb on the plane (Widmore).

  • Why Kate was crossed off the wall (a lame response in my opinion, not because of his reasoning that a mother shouldn't be a candidate, but because Kate sucks and was never a real mother. Also, what about the Kwons? They were both parents).

  • Widmore's plan was nothing more than him following through with Jacob's request to bring Desmond to the Island.

  • Desmond has a special resistance to electromagnetism, and is some sort of powerful last resort.

Most of these answers came in the scene between Jacob and the remaining candidates. This scene was a pleasant surprise; I didn't think it was going to happen mainly because it can be tricky to pull off scenes loaded with what can be boring explanations. I thought this scene accomplished the opposite. There's only so much Lost can show us (or not show us, as is usually the case) before we need some kind of direct answers to piece everything together, and the fact that these characters were seeking these answers and Jacob felt compelled to tell them (they are the candidates) felt completely organic. Or, at least, as organic as it could.

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